Friday, June 28, 2013


If you know me, you may know that I hate change. I am not very good with it. I get comfortable and content in the little world I know and get frustrated when anything comes along to disrupt it.

Richard finished his residency officially today (praise the Lord!) after graduating last week, and I am so, so proud of him for enduring six years of long nights on call, 80+ hour work weeks, intense learning experiences and high-level patient care of men and women who served and were injured half-way across the world. In the next three months, we will leave our first married home in Maryland and close on a new house in South Carolina. I'll leave a job and office I truly love, and we'll welcome a baby girl. Richard will begin life as general surgery staff at Ft. Jackson in Columbia and will no longer have the network of residents and attendings he's been accustomed to. We'll say goodbye to wonderful "new" friends and have the chance to reconnect with old friends. And as bittersweet as it may be, we are so, so blessed.

We never thought we'd have the option to go to Ft. Jackson. This time last year, I was three days away from experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage. Now I'm a full week into my third trimester. We found a great house and will have even greater neighbors. And our moms cannot wait to get their hands on their grand-girl.

So we are thankful for all the change. Thankful for a healthy pregnancy, thankful for a new home and for God's faithfulness over the past six years.

A few pictures from the past week...

Richard's promotion ceremony

pinning on his Major shoulder boards

with the Webb family after the graduation ceremony

most of the Davis family- Will and Caitlin had to come a bit later

all the Davis "kids" and significant others at Founding Farmers for a celebratory lunch

Sunday brunch at the Army-Navy Club

such a delicious meal

the Webbs

the original Davis 5