Sunday, March 2, 2014

5 months

*On a recent visit with a dear friend, I was reminded of how much I loved it when she wrote these letters to her children, and how valuable they were for documenting each stage. Thank you for the inspiration, Ashley! Hope you don't mind.

Dear Anne Caroline,

It is so hard to believe you are five months old (and three days)! 

You are actually sleeping on my chest because I can't bear to move you...this rarely happens these days, and I just want to soak in the smell of your sweet head and weight of your warm little body. A positive aspect of your daddy's deployment is that you typically see at least one set, if not both sets, of your grandparents each weekend. They are kind to give your mama a break! You've played outside all day with them and your aunt and refused to take a third nap in the crib, but just couldn't make it through your feeding without a little rest.

What are you doing at 5 months? Well you've become incredibly interested in and curious about everything around you. You reach for keys, drinks, boxes, etc., and love your toys, especially your singing dog and Flutter the Butterfly. 

You roll from back to front and front to back easily, and the minute I put you in your crib on your back, you flip to your tummy and push up with your arms and flash me a big grin. 

Sometimes you cry for a short bit when I put you down, but you usually just babble to yourself until you fall asleep. Right on your 4 month birthday, we moved you permanently to the crib and out of a swaddle, and you take advantage of the freedom to move! 

You started eating solid foods a few weeks ago, and so far you've tried rice and oatmeal cereal, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas, avocados and bananas. There's not been one you've refused, but you're a big fan of sweet potatoes! I also recently tried you on the playground swing, and you loved it. 

You kicked your feet and just smiled for most of the ride. You also loved story time at the library, and thought the music was the best part. You giggle the most at other kids, especially ones just a little older than you. And you've just learned to blow a really good raspberry, often doing so over and over again. 

You are sitting up pretty well, though we have to stay close by because you still tend to topple after a few minutes. You really like the farm exersaucer at your Davis grandparents' house and the jungle jumperoo at ours, though your feet don't quite reach the floor yet on the jumperoo (thank goodness for law books!).  

I am so proud to be your mother and love you more than I could have ever imagined. Happy 5 months, darling girl. 

Your mama