Monday, January 21, 2013

inauguration weekend

After the busyness of December, it has been nice to have a pretty quiet January. I feel like we have been in full hibernation mode. Richard has been working long hours and studying for an exam at the end of the month, and I have done a great deal of DVR cleaning-out, household purging and a little shopping. Even though we weren't thrilled with the results of the election, Richard and I decided to go to the SC State Society Inaugural Ball. We had several friends on the planning committee, and Inauguration Weekend in DC is an exciting time, regardless of your party affiliation. And we were so glad we went! 

I recycled a dress I'd worn before- if Kate Middleton can do it, so can I!- and we took the metro downtown to avoid the cost and hassle of trying to get a car or a cab. I tried a red lipstick for the first time, which I think turned out well. 

waiting on the Metro

 a self-shot at the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro stop

The SC Ball was held at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and almost immediately ran into our friends Ryan and Matthew. Ryan and I just had lunch on Friday, and several minutes of our conversation revolved around when she might get engaged. She thought it might be a few weeks, so I was thrilled when she showed me her shiny new ring! It's beautiful!

the soon-to-be Mrs. Couvillon

with the happy couple

We honestly spent more time looking at her sparkler than the gorgeous Hope Diamond, which has been reset and re-lit and is stunning.

the famous Hope Diamond

The Voltage Brothers did an incredible time entertaining the large crowd of 2200.

packed dance floor

loved the palmetto tree and crescent projected on the wall

In addition to the Voltage Brothers, there was also a super talented jazz quartet playing for those who wanted a calmer experience. 

Great Ocean Hall

There is a great group of USC Law alums in the DC area, and it's always fun to see them and catch up. They've been a wonderful reminder of home the past few years, and I loved celebrating with them all last night. 
Matt, Liz, Matthew, Ryan, Craig, Evelyn, me and Brooke

Here's hoping we'll be back in 2016 to celebrate the election of an R to the White House!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

epiphany + 2

Since I am still sending out a few remaining Christmas presents and at least 40% of our neighbors still have their Christmas decorations up, I thought it passable to do a quick Christmas highlights post. I know even the 12 Days of Christmas are up and it's two days past the Epiphany, but I wanted to document our fun December. 

We loved going to Zoo Lights at the National Zoo with our friends Ashley, Max and Anderson, who discovered a new love for kettle corn while we were there.

us with a the Pusz family and a sad-looking Panda Claus

And we shag danced to a swing-y version of "Jingle Bells" at the Georgetown Assembly Ball at the Chevy Chase Club. 

my sister-in-law Suzanne was kind to let me borrow her dress, one she'd worn in a was perfect for the evening.

Richard and I had a date night while waiting for fiscal cliff news. The Botanical Garden has model trains throughout, and replicas of DC buildings made out of plant material. We lucked out and hit it on one of the weeknights it was open later to accommodate holiday visitors.
Lincoln Memorial in the foreground and the Capitol in the background

Botanical Garder Christmas tree

festive reindeer

Capitol tree

it started pouring rain, so sweet Richard protected my bag as we made a dash for the car

Closer to the White House, there are 50 state trees with ornaments from each state on the Ellipse, and an adorable Santa's Workshop with the bearded man himself. Adorable!
so cold and wet but happy to be seeing Santa

the inside of Santa's Workshop

Santa looked a little worn out

 the National Tree

And a few pictures of the Webb tree and house decorations...
tall and skinny this year

loved our decorated living room

reading to Fancy Nancy to my sweet buddy Gia at a drop-in at her house

It has become our tradition, when we are home at least, to have a little gathering at Richard's parents' house for our friends in the area. It's so much fun to catch up with everyone! 
Meghanne, Penelope and Kellianne

little ones watching Richard's trains

my beautiful sister-in-law and her friends Jen, Molly and Molly's adorable MK

love the O'Sullivan family

the Blantons and the Bishops

We celebrated Christmas Day at my parents' house and had dinner with everyone at Richard's, and it was wonderful to have everyone all in the same place. I literally had tears of happiness in my eyes as I walked into Richard's house and was just comforted by knowing all the people I love the most were in my line of sight.
my brother Jeff, cousin Alyx, me, Richard and my brother Will all around the Christmas tree

the original Davis 5

the "kid's table"

and the adults plus Richard

Richard's family tradition is to go see a movie on Christmas night, so we all went out (well most of us at least) to see Les Mis at the Spartanburg movie theater. It was so, so good, and I couldn't hold back the tears. Russell Crowe may not be the best singer, but he makes a great Javert. And it was a great end to a lovely Christmas.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review

To be honest, there were many days in 2012 when I thought, "this is just NOT a good year." I went through a miscarriage in July, my mom had an unexpected career change at the beginning of the year that led to great stress and heartache, our sweet family dog died after almost 13 years with our family in March, and my grandfather passed away in September. And I cried with the rest of the country as I watched the story out of Newtown unfold.

There were silver linings and highlights for sure- having more flexibility in her schedule meant my mom could be with me and my grandfather when I needed her. We watched (on tv) Gabby Douglas make history by winning the all-around gold in London at the Summer Olympics, traded in my old gold Honda Accord for a newer black model, traveled to gorgeous Palm Beach, FL and Chicago, IL, and celebrated the weddings and new babies of many close friends. But overall, I am happy to bid adieu to 2012 and look forward to seeing what God has in store in 2013.

Our year in pictures:

a trip to SC and a little Tiger basketball

a little snow at our house

birthday celebrations on the Hill...

and in Baltimore at one our favorites, Woodberry Kitchen

a trip to Nashville to for Richard's great-uncle Bill's 90th birthday

loved the Loveless Cafe

Easter in Spartanburg with Richard's family

Taste of the South in DC

bachelorette party for Hannah in Greenville

a fun weekend in NYC to celebrate Richard's birthday


great time with family in DC and at the Braves-Nats game

Palm Beach, FL

this was technically the end of June, but almost July- taken the day after the Derecho storm left most of DC without power at a South Carolina State Society event. I've never been so excited to get power back!

a happy July 4th with dear friends

always wonderful to spend time with some of my favorite Columbia girls

lake cruising

cheering on the Tigers against Ball State with Jeff and Leah

mom's side of the family following my grandfather's memorial service in Columbus, OH

on a architectural boat tour during a fun week in Chicago

reunion tailgate at the Clemson-VA Tech game

2nd annual pumpkin carving party at our house

election night party with the RNC

Georgetown Assembly Ball at the Chevy Chase Club

Christmas with the family in Spartanburg

And a few 2012 weddings and babies:

Hannah and Jason's wedding, July 2012

Jon and Amy's wedding, July 2012

sweet Penelope, born July 2012

little Grady, born June 2012

precious Madeleine Grace, born October 2012