Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

Richard and I are sitting on the couch at 8:45 pm this Friday evening in PJs, eating pizza, and watching the royal wedding coverage- and I, at least, am thrilled!

My mom texted me at 6 am to ask if I was watching the festivities, and I loved chatting with her via text about the festivities. I wanted to stay and watch the coverage all day (with mimosas and scones), but alas, work called.

A few observations after watching this evening:
  • Beatrice, what in the world were you wearing?! I loved the majority of the hats, but this was just terrible. Terrible.
  • Kate's dress, however, was spot on. I loved it. Totally Grace Kelly- inspired, and much fuller than I anticipated.
However the words of Dr. Richard Chartes, the Bishop on London, were what stuck with me all day today. I heard them this morning before I left, and I was so thankful for the spiritual components incorporated into the wedding. I thought his whole message was excellent, but I really liked this part:

"As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West, there has been a corresponding inflation of expectations that personal relations alone will supply meaning and happiness in life. This is to load our partner with too great a burden. We are all incomplete: we all need the love which is secure, rather than oppressive, we need mutual forgiveness, to thrive.

As we move towards our partner in love, following the example of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is quickened within us and can increasingly fill our lives with light. This leads to a family life which offers the best conditions in which the next generation can practise and exchange those gifts which can overcome fear and division and incubate the coming world of the Spirit, whose fruits are love and joy and peace.

And this clip below was just too funny...I am sure they all breathed a sigh of relief once it was all said and done!

Congrats, William and Catherine!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

wonderful news

Do you ever hear news that makes you so happy you are uplifted by it the whole day? One of my favorite law professors and professional mentors was just name Dean of the University of South Carolina School of Law. Dean Wilcox is one of those people who I have found to offer wise advice is any situation I presented him with- whether it be a student emergency while I was working in Student Affairs or while talking to him about my long-distance engagement. He has always gone out of his way to support students while insisting on the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. The Law School has been fortunate to have him as a member of the teaching faculty and more recently as Academic Dean, and I have no doubt he will be an incredible Dean. Hearing that his first-year Property class honored him by playing "2001" and popping champagne when he came into class this afternoon was just icing on the cake. Congrats, Dean Wilcox!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Because it's Friday. And because in just a few hours we are facing a government shutdown, barring some major legislative action. And because this video helped get me through a really stressful day on the Hill. I give you Stephen Colbert's version of the hit song, "Friday."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mom and Meghanne come visit DC!

Richard and I just got back from a fun wedding weekend in Philly, which I will blog about soon, but the weekend before last we enjoyed having my mom and dear friend Meghanne visit us from Spartanburg. Meghanne is like a sister to me, and she and mom are very close too! So they took advantage of Meghanne being on Spring Break (she was just named Cannons Elementary's Teacher of the Year- woohoo, Meghanne!) and headed up to DC for a long weekend. We started off the weekend with a riverboat cruise to see the cherry blossoms. It was chilly, but still a beautiful day and a great way to see the pretty blooms!

on the boat

by the Jefferson Memorial

After we left the Tidal Basin area, we ventured over to Eastern Market to shop and try out a few of the food vendors. We had incredible mini-doughnuts, warm pretzels, and homemade pickles. Yum!
pickles on a stick

We left Eastern Market to eat a little more at the Founding Farmers, one of our favorite DC's restaurants. Richard thinks their red velvet cake is some of the best he's ever had. And it's no wonder I gained a few lbs during their visit!
Richard and Max with the heavenly red velvet cake

decorative produce

We spent Sunday seeing sweet toddler Julia be dedicated at church and shopping at the outlets, then went to Annapolis on Monday (after introducing mom and Meghanne to Georgetown Cupcakes!) for some Maryland crab.

Richard showing Mom how to crack a crab

I sadly had to go back to work on Tuesday, but my fabulous visitors came to see me on the Hill, and we lunched at Good Stuff Eatery, which is owned by Spike from Top Chef. Meghanne is a huge Spike fan, so she enjoyed seeing his restaurant!

Good Stuff burger, fries and toasted marshmallow milkshake

Meghanne and Mom took in the American History museum and the Sculpture Garden and took a tour of the Capitol building before having to leave. We had such a great visit, and I hope they'll come back real soon!

outside the SC-04 Congressional office