Tuesday, April 15, 2014

6 months

*This post is a bit delayed because Mama went back to work! Definitely an adjustment for me and the baby girl, but hopefully the start of a good balance for us both.

Dear Anne Caroline,

When I think about the fact you are (over) a half a year old, I honestly get a little emotional. What a whirlwind these past 6 months have been, little girl! You are no longer at all like your little newborn self- you are super engaged in the world around you, you interact with anyone who will interact with you, you have the chunkiest little thighs and arm rolls (you clocked in at 16 lbs at your dr's visit), and you love to eat! You get very frustrated when we are eating around you and are not sharing.

You have the sweetest little laugh and are incredibly amused by bigger kids. You would just sit and watch them play as long as we would let you. You have started to display a little bit of a feisty personality, and let us know that you're upset when we take away something you want- my glasses, the car keys, and a full glass, just to name a few. You aren't crawling just yet, but you scoot and get up on all fours and rock. You are sitting up like a champ and love being upright.

I just introduced a lovie for you to have at night and during naps, and you seem to really enjoy having a friend in your crib with you. You usually sleep from about 8 pm to 6:30 am or 7 am, and nap in the morning around 9 and in the afternoon around 1. You still like to nap again around 5 for just 20 minutes or so.

Your daddy is still deployed, and we have had a steady stream of visitors to help take care of you...we could not have made it without our great family!

Anne Caroline, you light up our lives, and your mama loves you so incredibly much. I thank God for you every day!