Saturday, January 22, 2011

revelations from the working world

While this working thing is not entirely new, considering I was gainfully employed in a wonderful job consistently through my taking the Bar to moving to DC after the wedding, working in a big city in a fast-paced environment after nearly 5 months of a life of leisure has taken its toll on me! I am by no means complaining, as I am so thankful to be in the midst of law-making on a daily basis and to have a second income, but the hour-long commute each way and long hours in the office have certainly taken some getting used to.

Here are a few things I've learned in my past three weeks on the Hill:

1. The elected official you work for is simply referred to as "the boss"- e.g. saw your boss in the elevator earlier, I'm sure your boss will vote this way, i've got to get this list of questions to the boss, etc.- not sure why this is case, but I guess it eliminates the question of which formality to use (the Congressman, Representative, Mr. so and so...and it's shorter than all of those!

2. There really are underground tunnels and a small subway system that links the House office buildings, Capitol building, the Capitol Visitor Center, and the Library of Congress- you never have to go outside in the cold if you don't want to! And the little subway train is very much like that in Spartanburg's Cleveland park that I loved to ride growing up...and still pretty fun

3. Finding time to work out or cook dinner when your job takes 12 hours of your day is pretty tough. Finding time for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however, is not.

4. The specific legislative issues that each staffer is assigned to is called their "portfolio." I am sure I gave a very confused look to the first person who asked what was in my portfolio.

5. The Hill is full of YOUNG staffers. I am definitely one of the older ones, and many of my same-aged peers are already in some pretty powerful positions. At a recent lunch with Clemson grads on the Hill, more than half of the 10+ there graduated after 2008.

6. Committee hearings are covered by C-SPAN. Staffers can often be picked up by the camera in the background during said it's probably wise to put on some lipstick before!

7. While I may be overwhelmed and tired and sometimes frustrated by how much I don't know, seeing "the boss" deliver a speech on the House floor that I helped edit and watching him question a witness during a hearing reminds me just how blessed I am to have the opportunity I do.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year in New York

Richard and I rung in the New Year with some of our dear friends in Bethesda with an 80's style bash. Richard's mom had a genuine, vintage 80's New Year's sweater that she actually wore to ring in the new year in the early 80's. She let me borrow it, and I wore it- and some pleather leggings, "Sam and Libby"- like flats, and big, disc earrings- all very proudly. The best part? The sweater lit up (thanks to Richard and Jon Dickens' engineering!) and played "Auld Lang Syne." Classy.

We left New Year's Day for the Big Apple to see Jeanine and my brother Will, who was kind to come see us all the way from Jersey. We explored Little Italy with Jeanine and Alex, saw Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson on Broadway (which we wouldn't necessarily recommend), strolled through Central Park, ate some Gray's Papaya hotdogs, and did a little shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue (yay for new Tory Burch leopard print flats and a Radko ornament that was 75% off! Picking up a Radko ornament there each year has become a fun tradition). It was the perfect start to a new year and a fun mini-vacation before the reality of work set in.

lunch in Little Italy

snowflakes at Saks

cocktails at the View at the Marriott Marquis, a fun revolving restaurant

Central Park

yummy hot dogs

Serendipity decorations

outside the theatre

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in pictures

I realize we are a couple of days into the new year, but I wanted to share a few thoughts and some of my favorite pictures from 2010 before I completely let such a monumental year go. I have read many articles about why 2010 was such a terrible year (including this Dave Barry one in the Post that was quite entertaining), but I will always remember it as a year of celebration, change and growth. A few of the things I've learned...
  • Blackberries do not tolerate toilets well. Always shut the lid if you plan to get ready with your email at arm's length.
  • Planning a wedding can make you a little crazy. Planning a wedding, a move and job searching all at the same time can make you really crazy. I don't think I would have made it through the first six months of the year without my mama.
  • There are a lot of hermit crabs in Anguilla. And you will find a South Carolina connection anywhere you go, even at Cap Juluca.
  • God's timing is best, but it sure is hard to be patient. Especially when living on one income and on a four-month shopping moratorium.
  • Some friends are "forever" friends, and some friends are for a season. And that's ok.
  • Always, always send in a response card for a wedding! And if your response changes, by all means let someone know. Or perhaps better yet, don't do response cards.
  • Marriage can be absolutely incredible but also incredibly hard at times. No one challenges me quite like my husband! But no one blesses me as much either.
And now without further adieu, some pictures. Like the lessons learned above, many of them are wedding-related.

ringing in the New Year in 80's prom-wear

with 10 of my best friends at our first engagement party/shower on February 6th- an amazing night

Celebrating sweet Ashley's 30th birthday at Mr. Friendly's in Columbia- birthdays in Columbia were always special occasions, and this was a particularly fun night (which may have actually been in late February, but Ashley's real birthday is in early March, so it counts!)

These girls, 4 of my absolute best from Spartanburg, threw a beautiful shower for me the Walnut Lane Inn Spartanburg, complete with games, maple doughnuts, and old friends catching up- such a fun time!


Bachelorette party in Edisto- an amazing weekend with all of my best friends in one place

First Baptist of Arcadia shower- I grew up in a pretty rural church, and these ladies have known me since I was a baby. They were so, so generous and kind, and the Vietri platter that I received from them at this shower is proudly displayed in my kitchen.

love, love this one from our wedding- a most perfect day

so this may have actually been the end of July, but close enough! On our honeymoon in Anguilla

Davis family takes on DC! At the Nats vs. Braves game

Wofford Homecoming- such a fun reunion weekend

a terrible Clemson-Carolina game, but a fun time of everyone being together at Thanksgiving and the weekend after

touring the Grinch Ice! display at the National Harbor Gaylord hotel, where it was 9 degrees inside!