Monday, June 15, 2009

Rock Star

I have always wanted to be able to sing, but it is just not a gift that I received. Every guy that I've dated has been musically inclined- during his 4th year of med school, Richard and his band won first-place at MUSC Live, the annual school talent show. My first date to a sorority function was the only freshman member of Tigeroar, the all-male a capella group at Clemson. And in high school and part of college, I toured South Carolina with my gospel-music singing boyfriend as he sang at various services. (At my grandmother's funeral a number of years ago, he was noticeably quiet during the congregational hymn. When I asked him why, he said that it was really hard to sing the correct notes when so many people around him were off-key. Apparently it runs in the family!).

Considering my lack of talent, I am most impressed by others who have it. Since my last year in law school, I have played tennis with a girl named Michelle who we'd always heard had a great voice. I kind of hoped she'd sing at her own wedding a few weeks ago, but I think she was content to just play the role of bride. This past Saturday though, the band she's in was playing in-town at Jillian's, and Jen, Charlie and I finally got to see her in action. Y'all she is a ROCK STAR! She got on the stage and just worked it. She was incredible, as was her band M.Y. Affliction. They played everything from Journey to Coldplay, and Michelle's did an awesome version of Black Velvet. If you ever get a chance to see them, definitely go! I for one am so glad to have a friend to live vicariously through.

Jen, Beth and Michelle

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  1. Just have to say... you look gorgeous in that bottom picture!