Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July in Our Nation's Capitol- A Top Ten List

While July 4th, 2009 is now firmly rooted in the past (blogging has been interrupted by a great deal of recent traveling), I still thought my Capitol Fourth was worth an entry. Here are ten highlight's from my fun-filled five day trip to D.C.

10. Spending most of the 4th on the steps of the Capitol with Richard and Min and Vin and enjoying the festivities, from singing "C is for Cookie" with Cookie Monster to "Copacabana" with Barry Manilow. We brought three coolers full of food for six people and ate a full feast, including Richard's incredible homemade hash and old school Fun Dip for firework watching.

Proudly sporting the red, white and blue

9. Watching the fireworks explode over the backdrop of the Washington Monument, Potomac River and National Mall, coordinated with patriotic music played by the National Symphony Orchestra. In an effort to share my love for America, I even gave my flag that the concert staff passed out to the little Canadian girl behind me. (Richard was not very impressed with this show of diplomacy to our northern neighbor after having been sent to fetch said flag).

Big Bird taking over as NSO Conductor

8. Getting to hold Ryan and Mary's sweet baby Julia, who is 3 months old and just as cute as she can be.

7. Seeing Max, our dear friend who completed intern year with Richard, and who has been in Egypt at a base near Sharm el-Sheikh for the past several months. He and his wife Ashley quickly became close friends of ours, and we have missed Max greatly! Luckily he will be back in DC for good in September.

6. Date night with Richard to the Rustico and Buzz in Alexandria, Virginia. It's hard to beat perfect outside dining weather, great food (make you slap your mama mac and cheese, a melon, tomato and blue cheese salad I can't wait to duplicate and a chocolate dipped in chocolate cupcake), and even better company. We were celebrating Richard's May birthday- better late than never!

5. Sunday morning at McLean Bible Church. Richard is part of their amazing music ministry, and the MBC pastor Lon Solomon shared a very timely sermon on the Church's role in America today.

4. Multiple trips to Target and Wal-Mart in search of a rolling cooler and other 4th of July supplies. So much more fun going with someone than by yourself!

3. Watching the Braves beat the Nats 9-8 on their home field, even though we kind of missed Conrad Brooks' three-run homer in the top of the 7th to put the Braves ahead. Not the best time to make a trip to the concession stand, but that hotdog was pretty darn good!

With friends Justin and Veronica waiting for post-game firework

2. Driving a red PT Cruiser all over Montgomery County Maryland. Richard had to work way out in Virginia on Tuesday and was not completely sure he'd make it back in time to get me to the airport, so we rented me a car for the day so that I could get around town and possibly take myself to the airport. Not sure I'll be investing in the PT anytime soon, but it was fun for a day!

1. Spending four whole days with a boy I see far too infrequently. He rarely gets a weekend off, let alone weekdays, so this was a rare treat. Long distance relationships make you treasure even simple moments of watching a movie on the couch and sitting by the pool, and I am thankful we were able to share so many of those moments!

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  1. Just last night I was thinking about how you were LONG overdue for a blog post! I really enjoyed this, and you look fantastic in red white and blue! Glad your trip was fantastic!