Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congratulations, Will!

This is a long over-due post considering that Clemson graduation was Thursday, December 17th, but I still wanted to publicly congratulate Will for now being a Clemson alum! He is the latest in a long line of Clemson grads in our family, and we are so proud of him and his shiny new Packaging Science degree!

It's so hard to believe that the baby who I dropped on his head while posing for a Christmas picture 22 years ago is a grown man looking for his first real job. (If you know of any available, please let us know! :)). Will is so smart, personable, and just an all-around good guy, and I am thankful that we share the bond of having loved going to Clemson, despite the different paths we chose there. Congratulations, Bear! It's a pretty neat thing to have graduated with C.J. Spiller, Jacoby Ford, and honorary degree recipient Judge Joe Anderson!

Will and his new diploma

CU Classes of '12, '09, and '03

the fam outside Littlejohn

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