Tuesday, October 25, 2011

heading out to san francisco...

Richard has been in San Francisco this week for the American College of Surgeons annual conference. Thanks to the research he did at NIH last year (and the incredibly talented team he had the privilege of working with), he was selected to do a podium presentation at the conference regarding his findings. But he's apparently been able to work in some play time too...

looks like he's really missing me, right?!

Apparently he's in pretty good company there- a (politically inclined) friend that's Facebook friends with both Richard and former Sen. Bill Frist from Tennessee captured this fun screen shot.

While I'm sure Richard is enjoying hanging out with Dr. Frist and the large Walter Reed contingent at the Hotel Serrano (y'all, they have leopard-print bathrobes AND were kind to work with Richard and his colleagues on accommodating their modest military hotel allowance- definitely consider them for your next trip to San Fran!), I am more than ready to have my sweet husband back on the east coast. As much as I thought I might enjoy a week of Bravo TV and leaving my curling iron and make-up on our tiny bathroom counter, it's just not the same without him!


  1. Hey Beth! I thought you were going along too?

  2. I thought I was too, Mollie! That was the plan until we realized it would be a bad week for me to be gone from work. Super disappointing after all our dreaming about Napa!