Thursday, January 19, 2012

toasted marshmallow milkshakes

I have always struggled with January. I don't like Christmas being over, and I really hate the cold weather. Richard has a big exam at the end of the month (and has for the past four years of his residency) which puts him in stressed-out, study-mode. And so to not get bogged down by the winter doldrums, I've tried to spend more time at the gym, plan fun activities, make travel plans, and find the positive in each day. Today, it was the absolutely delicious toasted marshmallow milkshake today at Spike Mendelsohn's Good Stuff Eatery. Good Stuff is one of Spike's DC restaurants (the equally good We the Pizza is also his), and I met a few friends there for lunch today. I have really been trying to watch my calories this New Year, but the turkey burger and milkshake I had were totally worth the splurge (I am still thinking about the milkshake 8 hours later!). I hate that I didn't get a picture- the milkshake is topped with a perfect toasted marshmallow. Try this recipe- it may change your life!

A few more January highlights that have helped brighten this blah month?

A great tour for our office of the National Archives. We saw the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and several other historical pieces relevant to South Carolina, including a letter Daniel Morgan wrote to Nathaniel Greene with his first-hand account of the Battle of Cowpens. Fascinating, National Treasure kind of stuff. And we capped off our Archives visit with lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl. Delicious!

National Archives building- because of the fragility of the documents, no picture-taking is allowed inside

Mary Anna and Patrick at Ben's Chili Bowl

I also got to see three of my favorite USC Law girls. Ryan, Caroline and I celebrated Caroline's recent engagement, and I caught up with sweet Whitney while she was in town visiting.

Dinner at Palena Cafe

loved seeing sweet Whitney!

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  1. I love Spike's milkshakes! My favorite is the black and white- half chocolate, half vanilla!