Sunday, December 2, 2012

clemson-carolina weekend and a happy birthday

After a DC-area Thanksgiving, we were so excited to get home for the Clemson vs. Carolina game. We flew in Friday and had a fun dinner at Cribb's Kitchen with both families. I pulled the furry vest back out for the trip home, and of course found my sweet SIL at the airport dressed very similarly. Love her, and love the faux fur. 

all the "kids" at Cribb's Kitchen

Oh the Clemson game...I really, really thought we'd break our three-year losing streak. The weather was gorgeous, the tailgating with both brothers and good friends was fun, and then there was the game. The Tigers kept it close, but it sure got ugly at the end. Two questionable pass interference calls in the 4th quarter, and I became a screaming, crazy woman. So, so frustrating. The only thing that makes me happy about the loss is that I no longer live in Columbia with all the Carolina fans.

visiting with Nic and Kayce- we're so excited to welcome their first baby in March 2013!

Will playing a little cornhole

original three Davis children

side view of a shot with Jeff

Jeff, Leah, Richard, me and Will at Leah's family fun!

loved meeting Leah's sister and brother-in-law

Jeff and Leah

still happy and hopeful at this point

Will has a great group of college friends, and it was fun to see several of them at the game

sweet Sam, who interned in our office and will graduate from Clemson in May

most exciting 25 seconds in college football

Richard in his Wofford toboggan

Jaime and Kellianne, friends since preschool

 After the football game, my mother's birthday was Sunday the 25th. I think the best part of celebrating was having our whole family together in one place! We had a nice lunch and birthday cake of course. Thankful to have such a great mom!

love that the Webbs join us for family celebrations

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