Monday, February 11, 2013

inn at little washington

To continue the birthday celebration and in anticipation of Valentine's Day, Richard and I ventured out in Washington, Virginia to dine at the Inn at Little Washington. We have wanted to try the Inn at Little Washington since we moved to the DC-area, as it is consistently ranked as one of the area's top restaurants (and places to stay). This year it was the Washingtonian's number 1 pick, and a designation we found to be well-deserved. It was by far the nicest meal I've ever had, and it will probably be quite some time before we can afford to go back. But I'm glad we got to experience it while we were here!

outside shot of the Inn

personalized menu

happy to have a date night

our view of the prettily-lit outside courtyard

I didn't take a picture of our first few courses, but to start I had a beautiful beet salad, complete with a beet sorbet. Richard had a lamb caesar salad with caesar salad ice cream. The chef also sent out a pork belly appetizer, a shot of the best soup I've ever had- a rutabaga and apple concoction, and his version of chips and dip, with a bit of caviar. Our second courses were a mac and cheese with virginia country ham and foie gras. Richard's main course was a deconstructed beef stew with tenderloin and bone marrow, and mine was a seared tuna. Delicious. 

fancy tuna

Then came dessert...Richard ordered the Seven Deadly Sins, a sampling of the Inn's favorite sweet treats. And he didn't share one bit.

a whole lot of goodness

That was ok, since I had my own butter pecan ice cream sandwich with chocolate and caramel to contend with. 

loved the happy birthday sign!

one of the more creative things I've seen- a "doggy bag" in the shape of the inn filled with miniature treats

enjoying the warm fireplace

one last parting shot...hopefully one day we can come back to stay!

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  1. The doggy bag is so cute! And that Seven Deadly Sins looks yummy. Definitely got to have dinner there, if not one or two day’s stay just to try their menu. Hopefully next time I’m in the area.