Sunday, May 12, 2013

it's a...

This Mother's Day is so special for me, knowing that in just a few short months we'll welcome our first baby. I clearly remember this day last year and thinking how desperately I wanted a baby. I'm not unaware of how hard Mother's Day can be for some. But Richard and I have been so blessed to have two wonderful mothers, and grandmothers who have gone before us.

We've known the gender of our baby for a couple of weeks, due to a sweet OB/gyn friend who snuck us into her office one Thursday night before dinner with her and husband, a general surgery resident with Richard. We were thrilled to learn the results but wanted to confirm them at our 20-week appointment. That didn't stop me with sharing the news when I was in family a few weeks ago, though!

My brother Jeff and his sweet girlfriend Leah got engaged in mid-April, and we celebrated the weekend I came home for Candy's baby shower. Leah was kind to let me use their engagement cake for the big reveal.

loved how this turned excited for a wedding in our near future!

the happy couple

My unsuspecting mom cutting the cake...

And it's a girl!

the Davis family and the Webb family- hated to not have Richard there too, but he was stuck in a Board review course

so happy to have Meghanne come celebrate with us!

posing with Aunt Suz

and with Aunt Leah!

We cannot wait to meet our baby girl. Richard and I have been seriously thinking over a proper name and will hopefully agree on one soon. Like any good southern girl, she needs her share of monogrammed items. So thankful for this blessing!

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