Monday, September 23, 2013

the past 40 weeks

I have not been the best about documenting this pregnancy, so I wanted to at least capture the past 40 weeks in pictures. Today is Miss Anne Caroline's due date, and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival! Her nursery is prepared, our bags are packed, and we have more baby gear than we will probably ever need. Until about 39 weeks, I was completely content with her staying put, but I am now more than ready for her arrival. 40 weeks pregnant is not the super most comfortable state to be in, but overall, I have had a great pregnancy. No real nausea or morning sickness, fairly normal weight gain and normal blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Thank goodness given everything else we've had going on!

how it all started- a (barely) positive home pregnancy test on January 15th

almost 5 weeks pregnant at the SC Inaugural Ball, January 20th

confirmation via ultrasound on February 1st, the day before my 32nd birthday

celebrating the birthday at almost 7 weeks

tiny little peanut at almost 10 weeks

10 weeks at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD

12 weeks- thankful for a healthy baby!

first time wearing the belly band at almost 13 weeks

Easter in Spartanburg at almost 15 weeks...

and the big reveal!

touring a lumber yard for work at 15 weeks, right before a tough spell of dizziness and almost passing out...the only time when I did not feel all that great.

DC cherry blossoms and 16 weeks

18 weeks

it's a girl! 20 week scan

almost 21 weeks at a wedding in VA

almost 22 weeks

almost 24 weeks at our first shower on May 31st, a Very Hungry Caterpillar book shower with some of our closest DC friends

25 weeks at a baby shower for Jess

26 weeks at Richard's residency graduation and promotion ceremony on June 21st...

and at a wonderful "hello, goodbye" couples shower in DC the same weekend.

28 weeks on the 4th of July!

closing on our new house at almost 30 weeks

almost 32 weeks, at my first SC baby shower in Columbia thrown by some of my favorite girls

and at almost 33 weeks at my Spartanburg baby shower...these three ladies were fabulous hostesses

almost 34 weeks at Carolyn and Sam's wedding in Raleigh on August 10th, the day we officially moved out of our Kensington, MD home

sweet shower at First Baptist Arcadia at almost 36 weeks with ladies who have loved on me since I was born

Clemson-UGA game at almost 37 weeks, on August 31st with Kim, only 3 1/2 weeks behind me

39 weeks, 6 days...almost there! Brunch at DiPrato's on a beautiful Sunday.

Come on whenever you are ready, baby girl! We cannot wait to meet you.


  1. Loved these pictures!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Love this!! You look amazing!! Can not wait to meet little Miss Anne Caroline!!