Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a day in the life

So there have been weekdays this summer where I have been less than entertained at work, as is the case sometimes in University life. The weekdays would become placeholders between weekends, and I would look forward to lunches out to break up the work day. Today however, was a clear indication that a new school year was right around the corner, and all I can think about is the fact that it's only Tuesday. Seriously?

6:53 am- am awakened by phone call from Richard who is on his way to work- was supposed to be up at 6:30

7:20 am- meet sweet prayer group girls at the Panera for coffee- great way to start the day

8:30 am- meeting at work to finalize plans for Orientation, taking place exactly one week from day. Am thankful that we are organized, but still have about 22 items on check-list to complete.

10:15 am- get to work on that check-list

12:30 pm- decide it's time for lunch, pick up Firehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket sub (seriously, who eats those?! what was I thinking?)

1:15 pm- meet CU roommate Susan at Marble Slab to catch-up over ice cream, which would have been completely reasonable if I had not just eaten Firehouse- at least it was a kids size!

2:00 pm- leave Marble Slab glad to have seen old friend and resolved to not let as much time pass between our next visit! Pick up birthday present from Retail Therapy (yummy Tyler candle, now 20% off!- picked up a couple extra :)), pick up hummus and veggies for appetizer to be served later

2:30 pm- return home to cut up veggies, get caught in thunder storm

3:00 pm- finally make it back to work, send out about 13 various emails, think about Cinderella Project work yet put it off to tomorrow

5:00 pm- try to get through a few admissions files for This is Your Class speech- am only on "B"

5:30 pm- another meeting with student group and associate dean

6:37 pm- leave law school finally with 23 minutes to pick up appetizer and take to birthday party

7:15 pm- birthday gathering at Goings' house- Happy Birthday, Lauren!

10:45 pm- write truly unexciting post because I feel guilty about not updating blog in a week!

Wonder how those of you with husbands and children do it all as well as you do! Some days I feel like I can barely keep up, but I sure prefer being busy to being bored!

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  1. Oh I enjoyed this Beth! Yes... fall is around the corner in University life land! Boy oh boy... bring on the students!