Monday, October 19, 2009

baby love

So if I were completely honest, after the baby surge of 2008, when several of my friends had babies in close succession of each other, I was slightly jealous of their cute pregnant bellies, the constant kid conversations and comparisons, and their adorable bundles of joy, many of whom I met just hours after being born. I know God has a plan for me, but I sometimes feel a little behind in this area.

Kim was my freshman-year Holmes Hall roommate and has remained one of my dearest friends from Clemson. Though she lives in Minnesota now, we are still extremely close, and I consider her son Jackson to be a nephew of sorts. Kim and Jackson got to come to South Carolina for a visit this past weekend, and after spending wonderful time with them, I realized just how hard it is to raise a child!

Jackson was actually born on the third day of 2009, and we met when he was just six weeks old, then got to hang out again this summer, when Jackson was six months old. Those times, Jackson was just content to hang out in his carrier or stroller. But now as a nine month old, he is EXTREMELY mobile! As soon as we got to my parents' house in Spartanburg, after Jackson had been cooped up on a plane and in the car for several hours, he was off! He crawled everywhere and discovered things on the floor that had been there for who knows how long! Hunter the Dog loved Jackson, so we had to make sure Hunter was not overly affectionate. And had to feed him...more than just a bottle, but solid baby foods too- seemingly an easy task but made much more difficult by Jackson wanting to play with the spoon! And on Sunday at 7 am, after a full day of tailgating and football Saturday, Jackson was ready to go again. Beth went back to bed- Kim didn't get to.

The truth of the matter is that Jackson is an incredibly sweet, happy baby who made it through an entire football game, partially in the rain!, and who loves to smile, laugh, kick his feet and can easily cross a room in about 2.5 seconds. We all fell in love with him (again) this weekend and were so sad to see Kim and him go. And not only is Kim an incredible mom, she is in the middle of a challenging residency. That's what is incredible about all of my friends with babies. We got to spend some time with Jess, my junior and senior year Clemson roommate, her husband Paul, and her precious daughter Ella, pictured below. She has taught Ella sign language and Ella, just as a 14 m.o., can very clearly express what she wants- both by signing and verbally. But Jess also pours into her church and the youth group there, where Paul is a youth minister. And the list friends that are moms are successful attorneys, financial planners, graphic designers, logistic experts, higher ed administrators, teachers, counselors, nurses and physicians.

Ladies- you have set the bar high! I honestly don't know how you do it, but you never cease to amaze me. Kim, Jess, and anyone else, I will happily watch your sweet babies any time you want. And then, with a sigh of relief, hand them right back to you! And be content in the fact that my time will eventually come, right when it's supposed to.

Jackson watching the Tigers run down the Hill for the first time

Loving on Baby Jackson after a great Clemson victory over Wake

I loved seeing how much my mom and dad enjoyed Jackson

With Paul, Ella and Jess

sweet, tired babies

Hunter LOVED Jackson

great lunch with April at Jason's Deli on Sunday


  1. I really enjoyed seeing you, Kim, and meeting Jackson on Saturday night! He is such a sweet and happy baby! :)

  2. The Lord is a perfect provider! There are so many things that you do that blow my mind (like how you know EVERYBODY in the entire state, how everyone LOVES you, how you are constantly on the go, and how wonderfully you accessorize)! And, one day, in God's perfect time, you are going to be an amazing mom.