Monday, October 5, 2009

Terps Topple the Tigers

I realize that there is more than to life than football. I really do. But when you travel to an away venue, the outcome from the football game can greatly impact the quality of your trip and how you will remember it. The Clemson- Alabama game, our season opener last year, ranks right up there among the worst three hours of my life. The Coke museum lost a lot of its allure the next day.

And so it was again this year with the Clemson-Maryland game. I was SO excited about having my whole family come and showing them Richard's home. I couldn't wait to watch the game with Richard and my parents and my brothers and see the Tigers get a divisional victory that they so needed. And yet, the game did nothing but frustrate our whole group, and the contingent of Clemson fans who had made the trek to cheer on the Tigers. Clemson had so many opportunities, yet could not capitalize on a single one. I thought this article in the Spartanburg paper summed up the current state of affairs well.

Despite the loss though, the weather was beautiful, everyone enjoyed our time together apart from the game, and Clemson still has a chance to win the division if our offense can find some inspiration. And if nothing else, now I know what it feels like to be a Carolina fan! Below are some pictures from the weekend:

Mom and Dad before the game- so cute in their orange!

Pretty ODK fountain on the University campus

Another campus shot

CU sideline

Still hopeful the Tigers can turn it around...

After we lost- this picture was very difficult to come by

With Miss Allison- who's boyfriend is on the football staff and is one person who was probably even more upset than we were!

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