Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who knew...

  • that Richard's third cousin would get engaged two days before us, making date selection slightly more complicated. We are all set now though for July 24th, 2010! Richard's parents' anniversary is July 27th, so it will be fun to share a similar anniversary date!
  • that traditional rules of etiquette dictate that you offer "best wishes" to the bride-to-be and "congratulations" to the groom? I have always mixed this one up!
  • how easy it would be to pick a reception site, largely in part to the expertise of a fabulous catering director and the proximity to the church
  • that being engaged would make the distance from Richard even harder
  • how overwhelming (but fun!) trying on wedding dresses can be- so many to choose from!
  • how much all the sweet engagement cards, emails, Facebook posts, flowers and gifts would mean to me! We have such amazing family and friends!

celebrating with Rebecca over coffee at IMMAC- she brought an adorable ring dish for my newest favorite possession...

and with Candy over lunch at Garden Bistro...

and with my tennis team at our match last Monday night...

not much better than cookie cake, champagne punch and Mexican dinner!

beautiful flowers from Kim, Jen and Richard


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! I just loved being engaged! Don't listen to people who complain about the process; just take it easy and enjoy it all!

  2. Best Wishes. So does this mean there will be an opening at the law school soon??? Tell Candy I said hey.