Monday, August 23, 2010

a pretty nice little saturday

As Richard and I drove around Rockville, Maryland, this past Friday night, fervently hoping that we could make the Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the Target, AND the Container Store, we couldn't help but laugh about how our life compared to that of Will Ferrell's in the clip below from the movie Old School.

After two incredibly fun weekends full of travelling, we reluctantly returned to the reality of a house that was barely unpacked or organized. With the help of my dear friend, Min, one of the vocalists from our wedding, I had pretty much gotten our kitchen up and running (pictures soon!), but some of our clothes were still in suitcases from the wedding, as a barely functioning dryer has made laundry difficult.

On Friday afternoon, I began to tackle the FIVE wardrobe boxes of clothes that I had down in the basement. He found me there, and we began sorting and organizing our teeny closet in the master bedroom. These are just a few of the boxes...



The after picture is a little dark, but we successfully eliminated all wardrobe boxes and put all of both mine and Richard's summer, transitional, and fall clothes in that small closet. My talented husband assembled several pop-up closets for our off-season clothes and placed them all in the attic, which is much larger than I thought. We located an extra rail that almost doubled the size of our closet, bringing both of us the ease of actually having our everyday clothes in one space (and soon-to-be all on slimline hangers!).

one side of closet

Because our dryer is struggling so- thankfully a new one has been ordered- the weekend also included my first trip to a laundromat. At Clemson, we had washing machines and dryers in our freshman and sorority dorms that I frequented, but I don't think I'd ever experienced a trip to an actual laundromat. Richard is more familiar with them, as his grandmother Clark's family opened the first coin laundry service of Cowpens, SC, many moons ago.

The closest laundromat is an area that has a heavy Hispanic population, so many of the signs were in Spanish, and there was a taqueria in the parking lot. We were afraid it would take us hours to complete all the clothes that had piled up, but thankfully, they also offer laundry service for a very reasonable price. That was the best news I'd heard in quite a while, and we were thrilled to have our Saturday afternoon freed up! 7 loads cleaned, fabric softened, dried, folded and wrapped, all for $70.00. Best money we've spent in a while!

white legs! time for a spray tan...we definitely stood out from the crowd a bit

Richard and our two free laundry bags (and our house!)
Any ideas for the front porch?

The weekend wasn't all work and no play- we did enjoy a fun mexican dinner at Guapo's with our good friends Max and Ashley and gelato down at Bethesda row. I didn't take too many pictures, as I am not sure if Richard's friends understand my obsession with them just yet. We also were able to worship at Frontline on Sunday night, which was spiritual nourishment we'd been lacking over the past few weeks with being out of town.

Bethesda row

All in all, it was a super productive weekend, and I enjoyed just being with Richard in our new home. I'll post more pictures of the house as we decorate, but below is our family room on the main level. Decorators out there, what should we put on either side of the tv? And does anyone recognize the show that's on the TV? Some things don't change! :)


  1. Glad to finally see pictures of the house! :) Love it! You will have it decorated in no time!

  2. Awesome pictures of the house.I liked it