Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding Post #2- The Bridesmaids' Luncheon

I woke up early on our wedding day at the Inn on Main, where several of the bridesmaids were staying, next to my dear friend and Matron of Honor Kim, looked outside and saw the sunshine and let out a little shriek. I was so excited that the wedding day had finally arrived! Before we went over to Aunt Debbie's house for the Bridesmaids' Luncheon, all the girls at the Inn on Main gathered for breakfast downstairs. It was absolutely scrumptious, and I was able to eat a lot of it! The Inn is owned by the Susan and Wayne Sease, who are the parents of one of my sweet classmates from Clemson and USC Law, and they do an incredible job of taking care of their guests.

In PJs and workout clothes, before hair and makeup- such a treat to spend the wedding eve under the same roof with my some of my most favorite friends

After breakfast and a sneak peek of the flowers at the Piedmont Club, we got ready and headed over to Aunt Debbie's house for the Bridesmaids' Luncheon. Aunt Debbie is Richard's aunt, but she has been so good to me and was very kind to offer to host all of us. She coordinated the Luncheon with my two aunts, Cynthia and Cam, and Richard's Aunt Joy.

Aunt Debbie sharing sweet words of wisdom

They put together a fabulous menu of chicken salad, fruit and strawberry mousse, and Kayce Lane contributed tasty monogrammed cookies for each of the ladies who were being honored.

Jess and Hannah at one of the tables on the sun porch

My table with Ashley, Suzanne, April, Candy, Kellianne, Jaime and Alyx

After our lunch, we all gathered together in the living room for me to give gifts to everyone! It was almost overwhelming to have all the women I care about the most in one room, and I had to take the opportunity to thank them for everything they had done to make the wedding possible. It would not have happened without them!

listening intently

giving Jill her gift- I did bracelets and monogrammed stationery for each of my honorary bridesmaids....

and these earrings for my bridesmaids

We made several attempts at a group photo, quite a feat for all these pretty ladies! Pictured are all the bridesmaids, honorary bridesmaids and program and guest book attendants.

should have moved the plant!

The luncheon was a sweet, sweet time and I wish I could have all those special people in one place once a week for lunch. Thank you Aunt Cam, Aunt Cynthia, Aunt Joy and Aunt Debbie!

the fabulous hostesses

my Aunt Debourah, my mom's sister, who did all the calligraphy on our invitations, cousin Alyx, me and my mom

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