Sunday, December 5, 2010

history lesson

A few weeks ago, after a fun weekend with the O'Sullivans, Richard and I headed towards West Virginia to visit Harpers Ferry, located only about an hour away from us, and see the fall leaves before they fell. Harpers Ferry is the site of John Brown's raid and was an instrumental stronghold during the Civil War. I vaguely remembered John Brown from AP US History in high school, but Richard made sure we saw and learned as much as possible. Just one of the many things I love about my husband...

(For those, who like me, need a refresher- John Brown was an abolitionist who, with a group of armed men, captured the armory in Harpers Ferry in 1859, with the hope of providing arms to slaves and instigating an uprising. John Brown fought U.S. Marines-led by Robert E. Lee- in the firehouse below, who eventually captured and hanged him. John Brown predicted a Civil War was imminent, and the town of Harpers Ferry, which was strategically important because of its location and armory, changed hands eight times during the War between Union and Confederate forces.)

John Brown's fort

Prior to the Civil War though, Harpers Ferry was a bustling river and railroad town that hosted many leaders of the young country. Thomas Jefferson visited Harpers Ferry, and the rock that overlooks the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. When Jefferson saw the view, he is quoted as saying the view alone "was worth the voyage across the Atlantic." We agreed that it was beautiful, and I would definitely recommend a day visit for anyone who lives close by!

RCW found a fuzzy caterpillar on the walk up to Jefferson Rock

gorgeous view taken beside Jefferson Rock

P.S. The yellow coat I'm wearing has become one of my favorites, and it was purchased at Old Navy for only $35. Quite a steal, huh?! We had to search several Old Navy stores to find my size, but it was definitely worth our sleuthing!

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