Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Carolina Christmas

One of my New Year's resolutions is to have shorter, more concise blog posts. But since we're still in 2010 and it's been a while since I posted, I thought I'd share our Carolina Christmas in one big post.

We got off to a bit of a rough start. I locked my keys in my car right before we left, and while we were taking Richard's Jeep, we figured we probably should retrieve them from the ignition before taking off. As we drove south, we hit snow as soon as we got to Virginia. We stopped in Hillsborough, NC to visit the Vietri outlet, which was sadly closed. We were hoping to get a few more of our Santa Claus plates! We settled for the Wooden Nickel instead, where Richard enjoyed a fried pork barbecue bacon sandwich.

pork, bacon, bbq goodness

snowy Hillsborough

We made it to Spartanburg safely and were happy to welcome our Ohio family on the Sunday before Christmas for a visit. It was great to see them, and we just wished Will had been there too!

at the Olive Garden with Suzanne and Alyx

my 90 y.o. grandfather, my aunt, and mom at the Jason's Deli- we love some chains in Spartanburg

No visit to Spartanburg is complete without a trip to the Angel Nails. Dan, Will and crew take good care of all of us, and Alyx and I had great bonding time over manicures!

We had Christmas with the family a few days early- Richard and I gave my grandfather Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Extraordinary Book of Facts upon recommendation of my aunt, and he loved it! Was quoting facts the whole trip home...apparently it's the little things. Jeff got an incredible piece of art from my aunt, which is what the blanket is covering in the picture below. With the tree, presents, couch, bookshelf, dog, etc., there wasn't much room left for the four of us!
Jeff, my cousin Alyx, me and Richard (and Hunter dog)

Two days before Christmas, we hosted the annual Webb Christmas drop-in. This served as an engagement party for Richard and I last year, so it was scaled down a bit this year. We still loved getting to see old friends and family. And I made the Santa picture for the first time this year.

Richard's mother requests a picture of Suzanne and Richard with Santa Claus every Christmas. Every year. Still. Even though they are 29 and 26. All 30 pictures, from the time Richard was 7 mos old, are displayed on the sun porch.

a portion of the pictures

And now, by virtue of marriage, I have made it into the picture. The big question looming is if the first grandchild will be permitted to take our place with Santa. Surely he or she will be a quality replacement!

Richard, Suzanne and ME with Santa

We gave sweet Darcy a life-size Tiger that had once lived in my Clemson apartment. Please don't hate us, Amanda! Hope it's found a nice nook in your home.

with the aforementioned Tiger- and how precious is Darcy's outfit, handmade by her mama?!

Richard with Andy and the Fortune brothers

love these girls- two of my oldest friends, April and Meghanne

After having Christmas dinner a few days early with our Ohio family and cooking for the party and buying a car Christmas Eve morning (goodbye Grand Cherokee, hello Acura MDX!), we decided to make Christmas Eve dinner an Outback night. I was skeptical, but we ran into everyone and their brother and had a great meal.
the Davis family (Will made it home!) and the Webb family (minus Suzanne, who had to work)

capping off Christmas Eve with dessert at Miss Ruby's

We went over to Richard's Aunt Debbie's Christmas morning for a fabulous breakfast and gift exchange.

Josh, who's marrying Molly, Richard's cousin in April, Richard and Cousin Al

the whole group minus the bride-to-be, who refused to be photographed in PJs- can you blame her?

We went back to my parents' house, opened presents, and ate again. We visited a few of Richard's cousins, played in the snow (yay White Christmas!) and finished the evening with a movie. All in all, a wonderful first married Christmas.
the boys in their new beanies and gloves
same spot- this time with Will
opening presents at the Webbs
first White Christmas in Spartanburg since 1963!

my mother's St. Francis of Assisi bird feeder, which she loves

Merry Christmas from the Davises and Webbs!

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  1. I love the pic of you, me, and April! Enjoyed seeing you! :) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!