Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Just a week late...seems to be the trend these days. I had a fabulous day off today, but last week was full of several long days in a row at work.

Richard and I celebrated Valentine's a few days early, with a trip to Monocacy Crossing in Frederick, MD. Since I drive into DC every day, sometimes it's nice to go in the other direction from the city. The Monocacy Crossing was definitely fine dining for Frederick, but we did bring the average age of diners there by more than a few years.

bacon wrapped filet pieces- delicious

Richard enjoying his braised lamb and sweet potatoes

red velvet raspberry cake for dessert

My sweet husband went to the grocery store late Sunday night when I decided to make Mississippi Mud for the office and helped me cut it into hearts.

messy Mississippi Mud hearts

Then for our Valentine's dinner, we enjoyed homemade pizzas the the beautiful table Richard set and watched the Bachelor and his ladies explore Anguilla, our honeymoon destination. We loved seeing them visit many of the places we did, and Brad and Shawntel sat at the same table we did at the Bankie Banxx's Dunes Preserve. So fun!

festive table

BBQ chicken and pepperoni pizzas

A perfect first married Valentine's Day!

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