Tuesday, March 1, 2011

putting down roots

Being busy at work and working long days has made me really appreciate weekends, especially when we don't have too much to do! We were going back and forth to South Carolina almost every three weeks this past fall, so staying around DC is a bit of a change. We have not been back to South Carolina since Christmas, so we've really had a chance to enjoy our house and friends here and the art of relaxation. We've strolled to our local Farmers Market, remarked on the number of Christmas decorations still up in our neighborhood (lights, wreaths, mini-trees etc.- seriously folks, it's been two months!), hosted a small Oscars gathering, played some mini-golf and skee-ball at the H Street Country Club, enjoyed dinner and a movie with friends we wish we saw more of, gave our house a thorough spring cleaning and cooked a few dinners.

I was always on the go when I lived in Columbia and rarely spent two weekends in a row there, so it's been great to spend some consecutive time in the same location and to establish a little routine, and it's even served to make me a little less homesick. I feel more connected to the community we are in and am looking forward to welcoming spring to our little neck of the woods!
our Farmers Market, a little less crowded in colder months

intently playing skee-ball

posing with Jon and Amy on the mini-golf course

cute, funny movie- would recommend it for non-thinking entertainment!

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