Friday, May 13, 2011

two weddings- a study in contrasts

Richard and I had the privilege of attending two beautiful weddings in April- the first one was the wedding of Kelly and Lauren in Philadelphia. Kelly is one of the orthopedic surgery residents at Walter Reed, and he and the other ortho residents have been great friends to Richard. Lauren is from the Philly area, and their Rehearsal Dinner was at Chicky and Pete's. Quite different than what we're used to, but they have Crabfries, which Richard absolutely loved. And I obviously think a fun casual, rehearsal dinner is a great option- we square danced at ours!

Richard, Kevin, Kelly the groom, Jon and Matt (who's up next!)

The Rehearsal "late night" was at Drinker's Tavern- but not just Drinker's Tavern, downstairs Drinker's Tavern. Between the dancing and Matt landing on his face attempting the Worm, it was a wild night!

Saturday turned out beautiful, and we enjoyed the Reading Market before heading to the ceremony, at a Catholic church right near Pat's and Gino's. After the ceremony, we picked up a cheesesteak then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the reception, which was right down the street from our hotel. I understand having your ceremony early and a cocktail hour and reception later is very common, especially up north, but it sure does make for a long day. The bride and groom get a ton of time for pictures though, which I would have loved!

Kelly and Lauren's venue was perfect, and their band was amazing. And the bride was beautiful! We had a great time and loved getting to spend the day with good friends.

view from the Cocktail Hour

Congratulations Kelly and Lauren!

Richard's cousin Molly got married the Saturday before Easter, and it was special in its own right. We always love getting to spend time with family in South Carolina, and I was in town for the entire week before working from Spartanburg and Greenville. I had the privilege of helping with the details- from putting together the programs to telling the guys when to walk out, and it made me miss my own wedding planning!

The Rehearsal Dinner was at the Piedmont Club, and it was very tame compared to Kelly and Lauren's. Just a sweet (calm) time with family and friends. The after-party was at the Spartanburg Marriott, which is not quite downtown Philly, but still fun.

Suzanne, Molly (the bride) and me

the Clark and Webb cousins and spouses

Proof that the world is small- Josh, the groom, used to coach at South Dakota State, and his friend Shannon is still a coach there. Shannon was one of the groomsmen, and he is friends with the Assistant Volleyball coach at SDSU....who lived with my dear friend Bec in Columbia before she moved to South Dakota! Richard and Shannon bonded, and we loved making a new friend.

Shannon, me, Molly and Josh

Molly and Josh wanted to do something different for the wedding, and so they decided to get married in Molly's parents' neighbor's back yard. It was GORGEOUS. As was she...and everything went off without a hitch. Richard played with many of the musicians who played in our wedding, Richard's mom directed the wedding and got everyone to their appropriate place, and Molly laughed and was full of joy all through her vows.

talented musicians

Clark family

The ceremony was in the front of the house, and the reception was in the back. Molly's Aunt Vicky did the flowers, which were amazing. And Darla, the baker who did our cake, did Molly's. It was a huge treat to enjoy her skills again!

part of the reception site

Clark, McAbee, Noe, and Webb cousins

Congratulations Molly and Josh!

When Molly and Josh left, Molly's big brother Al drove them out in a Gator. One of the funniest moments of the night was when Molly hopped in the front with Al and Josh was left in the back by himself. I didn't get a great shot of it, but Emily Corey, who did an incredible job with the pictures, did. You can see it and a few other sneak peeks here.

I love having the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family at their weddings and am thankful Richard and I have been able to enjoy so many together, regardless of where they are or how different they may be! But this one is still my favorite. :)

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