Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sunny florida...and one amazing house

Several weeks ago, our good friends Jon and Amy invited us to vacation with them in Palm Beach at the home of one of his mom's friends. His mom and dad joined as well, and we had a great time visiting with him and enjoying the sun. 

When Richard and I pulled up Thursday night, we weren't expecting to see this! 

not exactly a small little beach cottage

Jon's parents' friend Freddy, apparently deals in high-end real estate and loves antiques. We certainly benefitted from his exquisite taste!

This was the "great room"...where the one-time owner, Durie Malcom, who was rumored to be JFK's first wife, watched movies on a huge drop-down screen. She was a Palm Beach socialite who apparently was also a bit of a recluse.

great room indeed

dining area at the other end of the great room

Richard playing the baby grand


the master bedroom- I regret not taking a picture of the bathroom!

the pool out back, complete with grecian statues

Jon and Amy's wedding is just a little over a month away, so it was fun to get away and celebrate with them. I know how stressful wedding planning can get, and Jon and Amy were remarkably calm and in good spirits. I imagine being at the beach had something to do with that! 

happy couple

another happy couple :)

We also visited the Breakers resort, ate delicious food, and just enjoyed a few days away from work and responsibility. 

exterior of the Breakers

 Jon and Richard in the Breakers lobby

admiring the golf course at the Breakers

Lilly Pulitzer started her famous line while running a juice stand right off Worth Avenue

loved Palm Beach's Ocean Boulevard

before dinner out in West Palm Beach at Table 26

Jon and his sweet mom before our shrimp dinner

We had a few hours to kill before our flight on Sunday, so did we spend a few more hours on the beach or take it easy wandering through the Worth Avenue shops? Oh no...we hit the road for Miami Beach in our rental Toyota Yaris! Never a dull moment with the Webbs. I definitely liked Palm Beach better than South Beach, but it was interesting to see all the art-deco architecture, drag queens and many cultures Miami had to offer.

enjoying some authentic Cuban food on the way out of town

South Beach scene

our mode of transportation for our Miami Beach tour

And just a few of the fun sights from our tour...bienvenido a Miami! 

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  1. So much fun!!!! What a house you guys stayed in! What a nice getaway from the every day stuff.