Tuesday, July 3, 2012

eventful weekend

On Friday night, as I was curled up on the couch watching TLC and the Gymnastics Olympic trials while Richard was on call, I certainly did not expect for our weekend to be as crazy as it ended up being. Right in the middle of cute little Gabby's floor routine, a HUGE storm came through our area. I had hoped our power would be spared, but it flickered on and off and then went out completely. I went to the basement to seek shelter from the blustery winds and terrible lightening and spent a hot evening trying to get some sleep. I ventured out Saturday morning, and our neighborhood looked like it had been hit by a hurricane- trees uprooted, power lines down, and no power for several miles surrounding our house. My keratin treatment was sadly canceled (and how I need it!), and Richard and I spent most of the hospital seeking refuge from the heat and cleaning his new Chief Resident office. 

I booked a hotel room over at the National Harbor, and we finally trekked over there mid-afternoon to enjoy the AC and freshen up for the evening. The SC State Society (most states here in DC have some sort of state society group) had a shag party Saturday evening, and we had made plans to attend with our friends Philip and Leslie, who are here for a short time on Philip's National Guard orders. 

our hotel lobby out at the National Harbor

trying to stay cool by the water after a delicious BBQ dinner

Bolling Air Force Base was right across the water from where we were, and a Navy ship was docked close by

Saturday was extremely hot, but the party was still a lot of fun. It was held out on the water front near the Nats stadium, and it was great to hear beach music within a few miles of the Capitol. We have loved having Leslie and Philip here in the area!

We were still without power Sunday, but our friends Pam and Misha thankfully had it for their sweet little Natalie's first birthday party. It's hard to believe Natalie is a year old, as we saw Pam all throughout her pregnancy and prayed for Natalie's safe arrival. Our former small group was all in attendance, and it was great to catch up with each of them. Busy schedules have kept us from meeting on a regular basis, but I so appreciate our friendships have continued despite sporadic gatherings. 

Panyutin family

We spent Sunday night at our friends' Min and Vin's house, thanks to a generator they borrowed, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I checked my email to see a message on the listserv alerting us that our power was back on. I have not heard such happy news in a long time. Our power provider had estimated that we would not get power back until Friday, the 6th, so having it early seemed like a great gift! And once again, as is the case when I go through periods of time without electricity, I realized just how blessed I am and how much I take for granted. So thankful our 4th of July won't be spent in the dark!


  1. we were out of town this weekend, and I was so glad to have missed this storm! we learned that we lost power friday about 10pm, and it didn't return until sunday around noon!

  2. I had to giggle over your disappointment of your keratin treatment being canceled! I think I would feel the same way. I'm about to try an at home 30 day one.

  3. Girl... I'd be devastated about the hair appointment!! By the time those things arrive, you are dying to have them done... I feel ya. :) I am so sorry you guys have had such a time with that storm! Glad you have power again. SO much fun that you guys get to see Phillip and Leslie. I love them!!