Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 years

This is what we were doing at about 11 pm on July 24th two years ago. Leaving the best party we had ever thrown or attended, thrilled to be married and excited about our honeymoon in Anguilla and our life together. What a special night. I loved every minute of it and still wish I could do it all over again. 

leaving our wedding reception at the Piedmont Club

Tonight, we celebrated our two-year anniversary at the hospital, where Richard was on call. He had put so many requests in to accommodate for weddings this month that he couldn't swing one more favor. So we'll go out to a fancy dinner tomorrow night, but tonight, it was pizza and cake in his office. 

healthy dinner

My husband loves a good store-bought cake, so I ventured over to the Safeway after work. The cake decorator was long gone, but I met a sweet little man sweeping the floors who knew where they kept the icing. He took me behind the counter and let me decorate a pre-made cake with my "Happy 2 Years!" message. I didn't quite have room for "Happy Anniversary." 

And so, our second anniversary was very reflective of where we are in our life. Richard is working a ton as a chief resident on the General Surgery chair's service, and the busyness and stress of life has made us just take each day as it comes, anniversary or not. We had a wonderful trip to South Carolina this past weekend for a fun wedding and will celebrate the union of two of our friends here later this week. We have walked through a few fires over the past few weeks (and months) but have made it through, trusting that God's plan is perfect and that He works for the good of those who love Him. 

So happy anniversary, dear husband. Here's to many, many more. 

this picture is not the most flattering, but we'll just chalk that up to a long day and poor hospital lighting


  1. Happy anniversary! I hope this year is your best yet. Pizza & cake under fluorescent lights might not have been your plan, but I bet it will make a wonderful, often-repeated story when you're older. Two years sure does fly by!