Monday, November 5, 2012

sheltering refugees

Since Hoboken, NJ was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy, we ended up having two grown-up trick-or-treaters seeking power and internet. Will and Caitlin arrived Wednesday night, and after two days of being worried sick over them trapped in his apartment due to flood waters, I was SO glad to see them! And they were very happy to be able to check their email. 

work computers out and fired up

While they caught up on work and opened the door to our many Halloween visitors, we hung out with a precious little Abby Cadabby and her mom and dad. 

Gia as Abby

little Gia walked in and handed us candy

After Will and Caitlin got in two good workdays, we loved spending the weekend with them, especially since they requested a return trip to Founding Farmers, one of our favorite restaurants.

Clemson played a rare night game against Duke, and we met some of Will's friends at Town Hall in Glover Park to watch the game. There is nothing like being in a bar full of 20-somethings to make you feel old! The food was delicious and the atmosphere fun, but we will probably return to our cozy couch for the next game we watch on tv. 

proudly sporting Clemson orange and purple

Will and his old roommate Chris- so annoyed at me for taking multiple pictures

big smiles for a big Tiger win over the Blue Devils

I obviously would have rather seen Will and Caitlin without the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, but I loved having them in town nonetheless. I miss my brothers and can't wait to celebrate the holidays with the whole family together very soon.

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