Monday, January 21, 2013

inauguration weekend

After the busyness of December, it has been nice to have a pretty quiet January. I feel like we have been in full hibernation mode. Richard has been working long hours and studying for an exam at the end of the month, and I have done a great deal of DVR cleaning-out, household purging and a little shopping. Even though we weren't thrilled with the results of the election, Richard and I decided to go to the SC State Society Inaugural Ball. We had several friends on the planning committee, and Inauguration Weekend in DC is an exciting time, regardless of your party affiliation. And we were so glad we went! 

I recycled a dress I'd worn before- if Kate Middleton can do it, so can I!- and we took the metro downtown to avoid the cost and hassle of trying to get a car or a cab. I tried a red lipstick for the first time, which I think turned out well. 

waiting on the Metro

 a self-shot at the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro stop

The SC Ball was held at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and almost immediately ran into our friends Ryan and Matthew. Ryan and I just had lunch on Friday, and several minutes of our conversation revolved around when she might get engaged. She thought it might be a few weeks, so I was thrilled when she showed me her shiny new ring! It's beautiful!

the soon-to-be Mrs. Couvillon

with the happy couple

We honestly spent more time looking at her sparkler than the gorgeous Hope Diamond, which has been reset and re-lit and is stunning.

the famous Hope Diamond

The Voltage Brothers did an incredible time entertaining the large crowd of 2200.

packed dance floor

loved the palmetto tree and crescent projected on the wall

In addition to the Voltage Brothers, there was also a super talented jazz quartet playing for those who wanted a calmer experience. 

Great Ocean Hall

There is a great group of USC Law alums in the DC area, and it's always fun to see them and catch up. They've been a wonderful reminder of home the past few years, and I loved celebrating with them all last night. 
Matt, Liz, Matthew, Ryan, Craig, Evelyn, me and Brooke

Here's hoping we'll be back in 2016 to celebrate the election of an R to the White House!

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