Tuesday, September 22, 2009

rainy day in Tiger Town

Some of my earliest memories involve going to Clemson football games. Had the cheerleading outfits, the pom poms, clemson tiger paw socks (anyone remember those?!) and a painted orange tiger paw on the cheek. In fact, I really think the reason we lost to Marshall my first game as a Clemson student was because I wore a purple tiger paw on my cheek instead of an orange one. Oh, the horror! But I have never in my 28 years of cheering on the Tigers in Death Valley experienced a game like the Clemson- Boston College one this past Saturday.

My brother Jeff was kind enough to sit with me in my North upper deck seats for the first half of the game. We had little rain through half time, but once the band finished playing, the rain started falling. Jeff and I are below in our rain gear, his more appropriately colored than mine!

Several minutes into the third quarter, we see the players take off running towards the locker room. Apparently there was lightning within five miles of the stadium, so the officials announced the first weather delay. Jeff, in all of his college sophomore wisdom, had worn a bathing suit under his pants, and promptly stripped down before the left the stadium. It looked lovely with his hiking shoes and socks! He had the last laugh though, as he was the driest out of all us!

Will came and met us after the first weather delay, and we decided to go sit in my parents' seats in the lower South stands. They are not so hard to get into after a 45 minute delay! Mom was wisely out in the car, but it was fun to sit with my dad and brothers. Until the second delay came...lightning had been spotted again, so we had to wait another 45 minutes after the start of the 4th. My dad, who NEVER leaves early, was ready to call it quits at that point. But Will encouraged us all to stay, and I am glad we did.

Waiting out the 2nd delay

We finished the game (four hours and forty-six minutes after kickoff, a CU record) COMPLETELY soaked, but I had the best time at a Clemson football game that I'd had in quite some time. The Tiger "D" looked great and held BC to only 54 total yards and the offense performed well enough to get a great ACC division victory, but the best part was spending time in the rain with three of my favorite men! Despite the rain and delays and ruined tailgate plans, it was truly a great day.

Finally back at the car

Along similar thoughts, I had the privilege of going to Boston College in 2006 for the Clemson- BC game in Chestnut Hill with three of my favorite girlfriends, and that trip, despite the Tigers OT loss, still ranks as one of the best away game adventures I have ever been in. Boston is an amazing city, and the people of Boston welcomed Tiger nation with open arms. I am so glad that BC is now on our schedule every year, and I think BC feels the same way. This letter, from the father of a BC player battling cancer, made me cry:


Yet another reason why I think Clemson people are the best in the world!

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  1. Wow, Beth, you are not a "Fair Weather Fan" for sure! I would have definitely been in the car with your mom. And maybe a cooler :)