Friday, September 25, 2009

true love

Tonight I had the privilege of accompanying my parents, Herb and Diane, in their Friday night routine. In the fall, when Dorman is playing at home, they go to the game to support the Cavaliers. My brothers Will and Jeff both played DHS football, and my parents have kept up their tickets and reserved parking spot. Numbered. Just like at Clemson.

But before Dorman games, Herb and Diane love a nice romantic dinner at the Waffle House right up from the high school. I have turned my nose up at this in the past, but I have to admit my patty melt tonight was pretty darn good. And we all ate for less for $20.00. But I digress- Herb likes the chopped steak and eggs, Diane the pecan waffle. Mom and I got our food before Dad did, and I noticed her cutting a quarter of her waffle and putting it on a separate plate. I thought that it was very kind of her to do that for me, as I had a hard time deciding between the pecan waffle and the patty melt. But she pushed it over to my dad. She said she does it every time, a sweet sacrifice for someone who loves a good waffle!

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