Monday, September 14, 2009

Whirlwind Week

I have neglected the blog the past two weeks but have a good excuse- Richard was in town from last Saturday until late yesterday, Sunday night. We had a wonderful week together, starting with the Clemson- Middle Tennessee game on Saturday night. Richard was post-call and going on only about an hour of sleep, so he was a huge sport to come tailgate with the family and sit through the rain at the game. We had such fun seeing old friends and cheering on the Tiger team to a 37-14 victory over the MTSU Raiders.

With my handsome brothers at the tailgate

So good to see Sarah and Jonathan! Richard really was there...

See? :) Richard and me with Ryan and Amanda and their precious baby girl Darcy

We headed to the beach on Sunday after the game with Richard's family, then drove up to Calabash, NC to visit the Christmas store eat some yummy Calabash shrimp where it first originated.

Posing with the Christmas decorations- not quite ready

On the water behind the Calabash restaurant

We headed up 17 north to Charleston on Monday afternoon, after a fun lunch in Georgetown. We were able to visit MUSC, Richard's alma mater, and see our an old friend over a fabulous dinner at Hank's. We were also able to spend some time on the Isle of Palms beach with the starfish. Richard found one, then I found one a few feet later. I picked him up to throw him in the ocean and promptly broke one of his legs. And then I broke another one! So sad...hoping they regenerated.

Right before his leg got broke

We left Charleston and headed back to Columbia Tuesday, where Rebecca and Robert were gracious to co-host a dinner party with me for Richard. A "My Boyfriend is Really Made-Up" dinner party.

with the Goingses and Harold the flamingo- a gift from Richard to Robert and Rebecca to commemorate their Yard of the Month award

sweet girls

After spending some time in Columbia, I headed to Spartanburg Thursday to visit with Richard, who had left for the Upstate the night before. We went to the Wild Wing (the Wing is good for a big time in Spartanburg!) to watch part of the Clemson- GA Tech game with my parents.

Before the dismal 1st half...and the great 2nd half comeback

We visited Pearson's Falls on Friday....

And cheered for the Terriers Saturday after some competitive corn hole and tailgating with a few of Wofford's finest alums.

Richard's stellar form- he and Jeremy won

Jeremy and adorable little Callie

Josh, Steven, Richard and Jeremy
And on Sunday, we celebrate Suzanne's birthday a couple of weeks ahead of time. Had to pack it all in!

Sue with her American Idol game
All in all we covered almost 900 miles, ate dessert with every meal, saw countless friends in five different cities and spent lots of quality time with both families. Needless to say, I didn't want the week to end but was so thankful for it!

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  1. SO good seeing you!! Glad you had a great week with Richard!