Thursday, October 14, 2010


A trip south inevitably brings about pangs of homesickness for me. Richard and I went to Chapel Hill last weekend to cheer on the Tigers against the Tarheels (a futile effort unfortunately) and were able to catch up with friends and enjoy Southern luxuries such as a diet cherry coke from Sonic and shopping at the Belk. The pace is slower, and things just seem easier. And those thoughts make me miss things...I miss having a job where I know everyone in the building. I miss having a job at all. I miss being able to have lunch with my best friends, right down the street. I miss decent classes at the gym, and all the familiar faces at said gym. I miss knowing where to go to get my nails done, alterations made, find fabric and have a chair recovered or cushions made. I miss walking into a restaurant or grocery store or even a Junior League meeting and knowing half the people there. I miss watching the Tigers actually win a football game! :)

And after returning, while I was feeling particularly sad about being away from home, Richard and I came home to find termites ALL OVER the retaining wall by our driveway. Flying termites, hundreds of them. The picture below was after Richard squirted the majority of them with repellant. To follow that, my sweet husband put about 2 lbs of BBQ hash down the garbage disposal and promptly stopped it up. And the plumber told us it would be multiple days before he could come.

But as the week progressed, I remembered...I WANTED this life. I desired to be married to Richard more than anything, and I would count the days until I had an opportunity to be with him permanently while we were engaged. I love being with him, even if it means being away from my comfort zone. And sometimes life isn't as smooth as we plan, but God is still in all the details. The plumber was able to come earlier than expected, the termites have not reared their ugly heads again after my brave husband eradicated them. A phone call to our landlord regarding the termites brought about new blinds and the repair of a broken window screen. And we enjoyed dinners with both our new small group from church and the mama and daddy of Miss Gia Capaldi. All in all not a bad week in my new home.

And now some pictures from our weekend in Chapel Hill/Raleigh:

thrilled to see Jill, even if just for a minute!

before our embarrassing loss- Richard's light purple definitely was construed as Carolina blue!

yummy blue mint chocolate chip ice cream at Kenan Stadium

brunch at the Guglhupf


  1. Beth, you seriously made me tear up! I'm fairly certain that SC misses you as much as, if not more than you miss it and I so desperately wish you were closer. But I admire your perspective and am so happy that you are right where you want to be. I'm kicking up the prayers for you and especially hope you see some progress on the job front. Sending prayers, hugs, and happy southern thoughts (like thoughts of diet cherry cokes, or better yet, cheerwine!)!

  2. Oh sweet friend, I just wish I could hug you right now! You have the right attitude, I promise! I remember our move to Georgia, and for months I would go through phases where I hated everything about our new life... but slowly God taught me that this was how I would learn to rely on Him for my satisfaction, and to learn what it's like to cling to a husband and make a new life together. It gets better, and then worse, and better, and worse...and one day it's home and you really mean it. I'm so glad you have a good perspective on things! Love you!

  3. Arrh ! I had a whole list of my favorite Maryland things to share with you, and my computer crashed before it posted! Here's the highlights:
    Brunch at the Main Ingredient in Annapolis
    Blue crabs in the summer time
    Apple picking in Western MD in the fall
    Cherry blossoms in DC in the Spring
    The annual croquet match between the Middies and the Johnnies (google it)
    The Bay Bridge run/walk in May (not sure how it compares to the Cooper River, but I'm more partial to the Bay anyway!)
    Navy football games (nothing like Clemson, but it'll do in a pinch!)
    Cherry blossoms in DC in the Spring
    Really ANY festival in DC
    Movies on the Mall in the summer
    The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer-- 40 miles, 2 days, all over the DC Metro area. I did it twice and I think everyone should do it at least once!

    Here I am in ATL homesick for MD, and you're in MD homesick for the South. We should trade places once in a while! ;-)

    Take care,
    katie wood