Thursday, October 7, 2010


So besides chronicling our wedding from start to finish, we have had an eventful past couple of weeks! Richard having all of his weekends off has allowed us to both travel and entertain family and friends, which has been a huge blessing for this girl who has been more homesick than I would have ever thought! And we have had some fun date nights during the week too!

We went to see Chess at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, and though I was skeptical (it's an 80's rock opera), it was fabulous. The Signature is a Tony-awarding winning local theatre, and Jill Paice, who we had previously seen on Broadway in Curtains, did an amazing job as the female lead. They had a discussion with some of the actors and actresses after the show, which was very interesting, and we got to meet Jill Paice! So much fun.

Richard enjoying a yummy S'mores cupcake prior to the show- note the chess pieces in the background

loved the Signature Theatre and can't wait to go back!

We love that our friends often have work and conferences in DC. April came for work and stayed to visit as our first house guest! Would have been more fun to stay here...

back side of the White House

We had lunch with her aunt at the World Bank and saw a few sights in the city. The World Bank was quite interesting- lots of world cultures represented in one place, but not as busy as one might think. And certainly not a gathering of "It's a Smalle World"- type teller booths with bankers in native costume that my husband envisioned! We also had an incredible dinner at Charlie Palmer's. April is one of my oldest friends, so it was only fitting she was our first houseguest!

Our dear friends Min and Vin had a beautiful baby girl, Miss Gia Lina Capaldi!

And the Davis family came to visit! It was scheduled to correlate with Clemson's Open Date. And the Nats were playing the Braves, so we took in the game. Go Braves!

Mom caught a t-shirt for Will- she impressively took it from a small child ;)

the fam after the game- the stadium was about that empty during the game too!

Thanks to a recommendation from Kim, we tried out The General Store in Silver Spring, which had just been featured on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." Hence quite a crowd, but still tasty food!

Richard and Jeff in the General Store

We also got to travel to SC for Clemson Homecoming! We hated to see the Tigers lose, but loved getting to see family (again) and friends. So thankful for fall football bringing us all together!

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