Thursday, October 28, 2010

Segs in the City

I have been dying to take a Segway tour of DC since Richard moved up here, and having friends in town gave us the perfect excuse to finally do it! I know the owner of Segway recently died in a Segway-related accident, but luckily we escaped our tour with only one minor injury to an Aussie in our group. She took off her shoes, which I would not recommend. Despite that small distraction, we had an incredible time on the Segways. They are so much fun to tool around on and very easy to master. We looked super cool in our vests and helmets cruising the District at a max of 12 mph!
all four of us in front of the Washington monument

Steven and Richard in front of the White House

the Capitol building all lit up

Steven and Richard on the other side of the Washington Monument

one more in front of the Capitol

back at the Segway shop, wishing we could take one home!

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