Friday, November 5, 2010

first night apart

Tonight is the first night of our short married life that Richard and I are spending apart. There will be many more to come with call and military obligations, but this first one seemed a bit of a milestone. I traveled to the Upstate early this morning (the flight was cheaper!), and he's not coming in until tomorrow morning. Yes it's our second weekend in a row to South Carolina, but tomorrow is our annual Clemson reunion tailgate. And the one-year anniversary of our engagement. We're back for the tailgate and game, not so much the engagement anniversary.

But being without him tonight just confirms how thankful for the decision we made a year ago. I had a lovely dinner with my parents and Meghanne and Caleb that was reminiscent of so many Friday nights pre-marriage, but I much prefer this wedded state. Since getting married, I miss Richard during the day when we are apart and love seeing him when he gets home. I so enjoy being close to him daily after having to wait weeks or even months at a time to see him before. Marriage has definitely been challenging at times, but it has also been an even bigger blessing than I ever imagined it could be. On this engagement anniversary eve, I am so, so thankful that he asked and I said yes!

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  1. Love this sweet post, Beth. Have a great time in Tiger Town today!