Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wofford Homecoming

When I was in college and law school, I thought of Carolina Cup as the best day of Spring. All those friends in one place, tailgating, Lilly, beautiful weather and horse racing...didn't get much better than that! While I love Clemson and my Tiger team, I've started to think of Wofford Homecoming as one of the best weekends of fall. I made incredible friends at Clemson who I love seeing and catching up with, but unfortunately they don't all come back for Clemson football games. And when/if they do, it's usually not all for the same game.

Though Richard is the one who actually went to Wofford, some of my very best friends went to Wofford or married Wofford grads, or are Richard's friends who I have grown to know and love. And a good percentage of them come back for Wofford Homecoming! With a Street Party Friday night, tailgating and football Saturday, and the Terrier Ball Saturday night, there is plenty of time to catch up and spend quality time together! Definitely a most favorite fall weekend! It only would have have been better if Can and MM had made it. Missed you girls!

dinner at the Wild Wing on Friday night- Richard was real excited about a Buffarella!

Wild Wing Halloween decoration

with Jaime at the Street Party
loved seeing Jenna and Rebecca- we missed you, Ashley!

our tailgate crew- incredible friends...and food!

made it in the game for about 10 minutes- it was a blow-out. Go Terriers!

the new scoreboard

more tailgating

loved hanging out with Miss Callie! She's absolutely precious, and the daughter of one of my elementary school classmates

Terrier Ball with Suzanne and Jenna

enjoying the Masquerade theme

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