Monday, November 15, 2010

the reunion tailgate that wasn't

Thanks to a visit from dear friends and their adorable two-year old this past week and weekend, I am a bit behind on blogging! I'll post on all of our adventures, but I wanted to update on our trip to South Carolina the weekend before last.

While it was supposed to be a time of reunion with some of my favorite Clemson girls, I totally missed out on the tailgating fun. The girls all came by before the game, which was at noon, and between traffic going into the stadium and having to rescue Julie and Chris after an unfortunate flat tire, we didn't make it to the parking space until almost kick-off. Most of the girls have little ones, so coming back after the game would have been difficult. I was glad to get to see Julie and Lisa though and see pictures on Baylis's blog.

Though I hated not seeing all my friends and their sweet children, it was great to see a Tiger win (since they seem to be few and far between this season!) and relive our engagement a year later by going back to the dock where it all happened. Someone will just have to have a baby shower soon so we can all get together again!

rare "hair-down" picture, post keratin treatment- thankful to have my parents' seats for a game!

me, Lisa, adorable baby Avery, and Julie

on the dock where we got engaged a year later

who knew you could check a flagpole?!

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