Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Wedding Shower, Molly!

I am so behind on the blogging! Just as soon as I talked about putting down roots here, we took a weekend trip to South Carolina the first weekend in March for Richard and Suzanne's cousin Molly's lingerie shower. Molly and Suzanne and Richard and Al were close growing up, so it's been fun to celebrate in Molly and Josh's engagement. The shower was at Al and Jennifer's beautiful home, and it was great to catch up with Spartanburg family and friends. Can't wait for the April wedding!

posing with two pretty girls, Suzanne and Molly

all the girl "cousins," minus Elizabeth- such a fun group of McAbee, Clark and Webb women!

with Richard and Jeff out in Spartanburg, possible now that Jeff is 21

On Sunday, we got our fill of Southern cooking at Wade's, our favorite Sunday lunch spot. I do miss Wade's! And everyone we see there on Sundays.

sweet tea and yeast rolls

Richard's mom and dad enjoying the birthday song that was sung to all three of us- our birthdays are within 3 weeks of one another

just happy to be home, at least for a little while

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