Sunday, August 7, 2011

SIL love

One of the best parts about marrying Richard was gaining a sister in the process. I actually lived with Richard's sister, Suzanne, before he and I got married, and I love her like she's my own. We had the best time when she visited DC last weekend!

Richard was on call Friday night, so our evening consisted of Founding Farmers, Georgetown Cupcakes, and Say Yes to the Dress. What more could a girl ask for?!

the set-up- see that off-pink chair? it's getting recovered in SC in just a few weeks. can't wait to see it new and improved!

sweet Suzie with strawberry and chocolate hazelnut cupcakes- mint julep is not pictured but was just as delicious

We needed a little exercise on Saturday to burn off our indulgence from the night before- and our planned Saturday night indulgence- so we did a bike tour of the monuments. I can't remember the last time I rode a bike but quickly picked it right back up. We had a great time! Would definitely highly recommend Bike the Sites!

WWII Memorial- probably one of my favorites

part of the Vietnam Memorial- I had actually not remembered this part of it, but these soldiers were added after Vietnam Vets complained that the original Memorial was too abstract

we looked hot in our safety vests and helmets!

just hanging with Albert Einstein- I had never seen this memorial, but it's a neat one sort of hidden off the Mall- his nose has been rubbed for luck so many times that it's a different color

back side of the Lincoln Memorial

hot and sweaty at the Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument

After our bike-riding jaunt around the mall, we went to CoCo Sala, which is one of those places we only really go to when guests are in town because it is so unhealthy. But well-worth it!

Suzanne's beverage had a chocolate-covered banana swizzle stick

For our main course, we had blue cheese sliders, parmesan and rosemary french fries and bacon mac and cheese...with a slice of chocolate-covered bacon on top. I had never tried chocolate-covered bacon, but it was actually really tasty. Thank goodness we only go to CoCo Sala for special occasions!

And then it was time for dessert, which is the main event at CoCo Sala. I had a s'mores themed dessert, Suzanne had CoCo Sala's take on Banana's Foster, and Richard had warm sticky toffee pudding. Pure bliss! Suzanne, please come back to visit soon!

Webb trio and fabulous desserts

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  1. Good grief - I am starving just reading this! Looks like such a fun weekend!