Wednesday, August 17, 2011

why hello south carolina

It's been two months so it's good to see you! I love being back in the place where:
  • I can eat this (a rare meat-and-two treat!):

  • here:
  • where I run into Richard's Little League baseball coach and our high school principal in the same day
  • where people hold doors and are kind and polite
  • where my social calendar stays full with lunches and dinners and visit with friends who I've known for years. Love getting to see pregnant bellies and new babies.
  • where I can travel half the state in the same time it takes me to cover 20 miles in DC
  • where Clemson football is discussed on sports talk radio- thank goodness for a break from the Redskins!
  • where I can celebrate our next-door neighbors' (who I've know my entire life) 50th wedding anniversary
  • where it's hundreds of dollars less to recover a chair and repair a timing belt
  • where I can give my brother a hard time, in person, about the goatee he's sporting
  • where I can go swimming with this adorable little girl:
  • where my mama still takes care of me, and where I can help her take car of my dad, who's recovering from a hip replacement
  • And where I can work out of an office with this gorgeous view of downtown Greenville.

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