Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Since yesterday's post was slightly depressing, I wanted to post pictures of our happy morning. We had heard of the elaborate Labor Day celebration in our Kensington neighborhood, but we were out of town last year and missed it. I heard the drums this morning at about 10 am and rushed outside to see a very impressive parade winding right down the street behind ours! I wasn't expecting much- there are only about 2000 people inside the town limits- but it was quite a patriotic show, full of music, fire trucks, cheerleaders and politicians. The parade lasted almost an hour, then the street festival began. Richard and I wandered downtown and took in all the vendor booths and a wonderful art show in our town hall. So fun!

Gaithersburg High School Marching Band

US Rep Chris Van Hollen, our neighbor and the Ranking Member on the Budget Committee- it's been entertaining to watch he and Paul Ryan go back and forth this Congress

local community band

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this lady- she had her bare feet propped up and was smoking a cigarette

fire trucks

Montgomery County Republicans- so they DO exist!

Montgomery Blair cheerleaders


It was a day filled with community celebration, a little work around the house, a lunch of maple bbq chicken and tortellini and tomato pasta and some shopping too (I got Marc Jacobs sunglasses, some Spanx tights, a Juicy Couture top for my cousin, and a pair of Hanky Panky's to use a lingerie shower gift for less than $90!), capped off with pizza and movie with Richard. If only we could extend the weekend one day longer!

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