Thursday, September 22, 2011

where the blue ridge yawns its greatness

Richard and I had the distinct privilege of being in my favorite place on earth last weekend. And it was glorious- a Clemson win over a ranked Auburn team that had a 17 game winning streak, including last year's National Championship game. Death Valley absolutely rocking with cheering fans who stayed the whole game through and a team that didn't get discouraged, even down 14. Seeing family and friends who we love being around. Sitting next to the same people my parents have sat next to at games for 30+ years and hearing how my dad used to bring my mom to games while they were dating. Having fan after fan in Section UE ask how my dad was doing post hip-replacement and assuring them he'd be back this season. Feeling like I'd come home and not wanting to the day to end. Going to bed with an exhausted smile on my face and praying for the day to come soon when we can spend all of our Saturdays in God's Country. And for a win on Saturday over Florida State!

Hard to believe that my brother who was NINE when I started Clemson is now a senior!

most exciting 25 seconds of college football

stadium full- Auburn fans came out in full force

Can barely see the score, but that's Clemson 38- Auburn 24

students rushing the field

happy, happy fans

loved seeing Hannah, who filled me on the Racquettes journey to the tennis combos state championship- wish I could cheer them on in Charleston in a few weeks!

how precious was Miss Darcy's debut of the Clemson cheerleading uniform?! Thanks for having us, Amanda!

Darcy's photography skills- I see a bright future in photography!


  1. Love all that orange!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog by looking up the lyrics to Clemson's Alma Mater! The internet makes for a very small world! Go Clemson! Go Theta! (Hi Caroline!)