Friday, September 16, 2011

i'm only a bill

Do you remember this video? From School House Rock? My sweet husband, whose knowledge of the legislative process is somewhat limited, likes to sing this song to me whenever I talk about bills we're working on in the office. In the current political world we live in, where few things these days are bi-partisan, it excited me to see a piece of legislation that I spent a great deal of time considering and talking about in meeting after meeting with lobbyist actually become law. President Obama signed the "America Invents Act" into law today, a patent reform bill that has been ten years in the making.

The bill came through the Judiciary Committee, a committee that my boss is on, so we were there for the debate and mark-up. The House version was slightly different than the one the Senate initially passed, so after it passed in the House, it had to go through conference committee and then back over to the Senate. It passed there (for a second time), and President Obama signed it today at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Schoolhouse Rock version is remarkably accurate and incredibly catchy. Enjoy a few minutes back in the 1980's!

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