Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

I love, love coming home this time of the year and seeing what Christmas cards have arrived! It is so much fun to see pictures of friends and their families, especially those with children who I don't see very often. This year, I even found out several friends were pregnant via Christmas cards. Richard and I both were drawn to the design we picked out for our card, and we easily agreed on a picture from this year's Cherry Blossom festival, probably my favorite time of the year in DC! So if you haven't seen it yet, here's our card from this year.

After receiving all kinds of beautiful cards, our refrigerator was beginning to look a little cluttered (or a lot cluttered). After some quick internet research, I found a way to display some of those overcrowded cards. We have a decent-sized mirror in our dining room, so I just cut a few strips of wide ribbon and taped them to the back of the mirror, then taped some of our cards to the ribbon. It wasn't nearly enough room to fit all of our cards, but the fridge is a bit less overwhelmed now. I used scotch tape, but I'd recommend something a bit stronger, as the cards keep falling off the ribbon. Will have to be more creative next year!


  1. Loved the Christmas card! You had an amazing photographer! ;)
    I use ribbon the same way on my classroom cabinets to display student work. I use straight pins with the pearl tips to hang their work up. You could try that next time!

  2. So cute! I did two red and white polka dot ribbons going down the door leading into our dining room, and I used clothespins to hold the cards onto the ribbon and a very small nail to tack the ribbon down on the back of the door. I LOVED ya'lls card! So super cute