Wednesday, May 2, 2012

old friends reunited

As I have written before, we love the fact that DC is a popular destination for both work and play. Our good friends Nic and Kayce were in town this week for a conference Nic was attending at the National Harbor, and we had a great time visiting with them!

I met Nic the summer after my senior year of high school through a friend in Spartanburg, and we both attended Clemson together, with our freshman year dorms right across the street from one another. We became good friends, and I still vividly remember the night he told me about his budding relationship with Kayce. Nic was one of my campaign managers when I ran for student body VP at Clemson (with Hannah!), and when I lived in South Carolina, we tailgated with Nic and Kayce for most Clemson football games. Sadly, we haven't seen them in quite some time, so I was super excited when Nic let me know they were coming to visit. 

We had a wonderful dinner at Evening Star Cafe in Alexandria on Monday night, complete with one of the best desserts I've ever had. It was a deep fried fluffernutter, filled with honey, peanut butter and marshmallows and served with banana ice cream. I would have eaten the whole thing had I not gotten full on some of the best shrimp and grits I've had outside of Charleston. 

outside the Evening Star Cafe

deep fried fluffernutter

Last night, I met Nic and Kayce and another friend at Nationals Park for the Nats game against the Diamondbacks. The city was super excited about Bryce Harper's debut at Nats stadium, the Nats' first pick and the first overall pick in the MLB draft in 2010. He didn't have any huge hits last night but had some solid defensive play in the outfield.

We bought cheap tickets and stayed in the Red Porch bar/restaurant area, which offered a fine view and lively atmosphere. After a few innings standing up in the bar viewing are, we ate dinner at a table that was pretty close to the field. I would highly recommend doing that to anyone going to a Nats game. It was fun to be so close while enjoying surprisingly decent food.

Bryce Harper's debut at the plate- and his first strike out at Nats Park

With Kayce, who bakes a mean cake! She owns Cakeology, and I would highly recommend her for any of your baking needs in Upstate, SC.

Nic and Kayce

our view from the dinner table

I'm so thankful for our old friends and am hoping our next reunion comes before Clemson football season!

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