Friday, September 14, 2012

celebrating madeleine grace

It's hard to describe the joy that comes with celebrating the soon arrival of a daughter for one of your dearest friends. I have known Rebecca for 13 years now, and I still remember the day we met during sorority recruitment at Clemson. Oh, how I longed to be as outgoing and confident as she was! I got to know her better over our four years at Clemson, and then really well during our law school years at Carolina. I honestly know very few people who are as good at keeping in touch and loving on others as Rebecca. She somehow manages a full-time lawyer job, a thriving baking business and maintains a beautiful home and happy marriage. As her sister-in-law recently told me, it's like Rebecca gets 36 hours out of a day while the rest of us make do with 24!

Given that Rebecca has thrown an inordinate amount of baby showers over the last several years and cooked countless meals for new moms, it was only fitting that we throw a big one in her honor to welcome her little girl, Miss Madeleine Grace.

Rebecca, Greer and I were able to have brunch at DiPrato's, one of my Columbia favorites, before the shower, and it was so wonderful to catch up with them before the big event. 

Our friend Terra from law school was gracious to host the shower in her amazing home. Terra's sweet little girl Catherine was sick the day of the shower, so the fact that Terra was still able to pull off having 50 women in her house without a hiccup is testimony to how much she has it together (and how great her husband is!). 

Lauren made a banner of Madeleine's name, and we hung it above the beverage table, which also later had baby pictures of both Rebecca and Robert. We served prosecco and fruit compote and strawberry tea. Another Rebecca made an adorable mat for part of the shower invitation, with all of the hostesses' names and the verse, "for this child I prayed." 

beverage table

Fern Studio in Columbia did the flowers, which were incredible. The pictures don't do it justice, but the arrangement for the dining room table was HUGE. 

flower colors similar to those on the invitation

What's a baby shower without monogrammed petit fours? These were some of the best I've had- they literally melted in your mouth.

Our menu consisted of chicken salad sandwiches, tomato tartlets, vegetables and hummus, apples and caramel dip, cheese wafers and baked brie bites, along with petit fours, a popcorn/m and m/white chocolate mix, and chocolate toffee bark for dessert. No one should have left hungry.

food table- tomato tartlets were still in the oven

the ever-eloquent Kelly welcoming everyone and offering thanks for our food

a prayer of blessing for little Madeleine

I hate I didn't get a better picture, but Terra got gorgeous pink and tan burlap ribbon that we hung Madeleine's monogrammed onesies and burp cloths on. The bows on either side were so pretty and an easy way to make the mantle a little more girly.

lots of gifts!

I always love trips to South Carolina that involve getting to see lots of old friends. Spending time with Jill was such a treat, as it had been months since I'd seen her! 

loving our Clemson-colors combo

Rebecca has looked amazing throughout her pregnancy, and she was glowing at her shower in her black and white ensemble.

making a plate- I'm not sure poor Rebecca got to eat before we made her start opening presents

Ashley, Caison, Rebecca, Bess, Ashley and Allison- just a few of the fun guests

Rebecca and her sister-in-law Melanie

lots and lots of present opening

Rebecca's niece Pressley Ann got to come to the shower, and she was super helpful in carrying gifts to Rebecca, and even gave Kelly a new hair-do. Too cute. 

Kelly being styled by Pressley Ann

sweet gift from Jill

Rebecca's mom with Beth, Angela and Terra

Prior to leaving Columbia, I met with Ashley, Jenna and Rebecca every Tuesday morning for a time of prayer and sharing and accountability. We met at the Panera, and rarely can I go into Panera without thinking of them. Angela started meeting with the girls after I left, but I feel just as comfortable with her as the others now. 

the "Tuesday morning" group- Ashley, Jenna, Rebecca, and Angela

law school girls

all the hostesses- such a great group to plan with!

The shower was a success, and I am so looking forward to meeting Madeleine Grace in just a few months. You have a lot of people ready to love on you, little girl! 

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