Sunday, September 2, 2012

woody's perils of the lost jungle

What's a gal to do to make up for the fact that she's not in Atlanta cheering on her favorite team in their much-anticipated season opener? Play one of the country's top-five miniature golf courses, of course. 

I was dying to go to Atlanta to see Clemson take on Auburn, but three trips to the southeast in four weeks was just one trip too many. I will be in Clemson for the game next weekend, so I had to settle for watching the big win on tv. But the weekend has still been a really good one, thanks in large part to a fun date night with Richard. 

We were looking for something to do outside on Friday to take advantage of the closing days of summer and had seen a feature on mini-golf in the Washingtonian. Woody's Perils of the Lost Jungle in Herndon, VA has been recognized as one of the best in the country, so we decided to try it out. I had forgotten how much fun a competitive round of mini-golf is!

ready for our adventure, after submitting our "passports" to an outfitted guide

For just $10 a person, we were treated to a Disney-like course filled with animatronics that popped out at you, bursts of water sprays, and speakers with sinister noises in the bushes. The theme is Indiana Jones-ish, and I was caught off guard a few times by the surprises on each hole, including a wild boar jumping out of a hole and a gator emerging from a pond. 

the hole was just beyond the mummy, and the temple door opened only when you pressed your hand on the sensor on the stone

hole marker

Richard and I picked orange and purple balls in tribute to the Tiger team, and both of us logged a hole-in-one about midway through the course. Richard shot another before the night's end...most of the holes are par 2.

hooray for hole-in-ones!

piranhas, gators and gorillas, oh my!

there was a witchdoctor stirring a large pot right behind Richard

action shot

I am proud to say that I beat my husband by two strokes, but it was a close match with the victor uncertain until the 18th hole. We've decided that we'll definitely be returning for a rematch before we leave DC!

A playful, different kind of date night, the Saturday morning Farmer's Market and park with a sweet little girl and her mama, and living vicariously through my brothers as they witnessed Clemson break the spell the Georgia Dome all made for a delightful weekend.

darling Gia in the park

Will, Caitlin and Jeff tailgating before the big Clemson-Auburn game

(Clemson) Tigers on the field

And one post-script...our church met in a different location this morning and Richard has been in the hospital taking out an appendix, so I decided to watch Andy Stanley, of North Point Community Church, preach online. He's doing a series called Future Family, and the messages have been incredible. I would encourage anyone to go to the site for the series and listen to his podcasts. They are challenging, convicting and instructive, and despite having strong, positive relationships with family, I've learned something significant in each message I've heard.

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